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Ann Simko Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 
Part time Nurse, Full time mom although sometimes i wonder just who's raising who. Husband? Yep got one of those too, but don't ask me to distinguish him from my kids, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes. Writing credetionals- Hmmm, None unless you count an intense desire, nay, need to ...
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Mollie Eliot Troy, Pennsylvania 
Owner of Quest Publishing (don't get excited we only publish websites: www.questpublish.com)located in Northeastern PA. My body of work includes hundreds of feature articles for a variety of print and web venues. Current writing focus: Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also called Multiple Pers...
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Darryl Montague Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Over the past fifteen years I've been writing and selling books. Some successes and some failures. However, the best lesson learned is to never give up and to constantly believe in the dream. Writing is more than a passion, but a never-ending determination to create stories that enlighten the reader...
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Frank Poole  
Organic Home Gardening
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Juliet Waldron Hershey, Pennsylvania 
Only child--raised by Auntie Mame without the fun, traveling through the US, England, and B.W.I. Wrote only poetry until I'd mostly raised kids. Soon became Queen of the Good Rejection--until I decided that a writer needs a few readers, and went to the e world. Won the First Independent e-Book Awar...
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Charles Gray Middletown, Pennsylvania 
On Jan 14th, 1989, while leaving a nightclub after closing, I ran into a telephone pole, a mailbox, and a drug store on 3rd and Emerald Street, in Harrisburg, Pa. Now I have a daughter named Emerald. I was married to the same woman 7 years, divorced 7years, and just recently we celebrated 7 Years ag...
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Olaiya Hardaway Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Olaiya (Nigerian for mother's joy) Hardaway, born and raised in Philadelphia, 28 years old and currently taking night classes at Community College of Philadelphia for Communications Art. I love poetry and I have a fascination for Shakespeare. I will be in London studying the Bristish culture for the...
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Laura Hahn New Hope, Pennsylvania 
Oh Lordy - a BIO! How one got from here to there. . . Well, a brief history would include growing up in a large family (mostly girls) and then trying to figure out where I fit in the world. It led to communications work in the Cable Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Biotechnology Indu...
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Beth Ketterer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Nothing spellbinding. I work in a nursing home, part time as an aide, part time as a Staffing Coordinator, so when I'm not actually taking care of the residents, I'm making sure someone else is. Other than that... I've just finished my first novel, and am trying desperately to find an agent.
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Julie Schneider Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Not much to say as of yet about my writing. Scraps of paper, notebooks, jottings, ideas swimming around in my head...I wonder if I can get them onto paper in a coherent and pleasing form.
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