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Rozalija Raxell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Words like multicultural aptly describe me, but do not give any intuitive sense of what that feels like. I look for the shaman roots in my mental journeys to the places I have known all my life, I struggle with the difficulties faced by my ancestors and find traces of their struggles extending even...
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Foster Winans  
Winans has ghosted, co-written, and/or independently produced more than 30 books. In 1999 he founded a nonprofit writers's resource center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and ran it for six years before returning to writing and producing books. R. Foster Winans was a Wall Street Journal co...
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William Loeffler III Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
William Loeffler is a staff writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. His one-act plays have won awards at the Pittsburgh New Works Festival. In 2000 his play "My Dog Has No Nose" was produced at the Manhattan Theater Club in New York. He has traveled to seven continents and has run 42 marathons....
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Jack Ellstrom Macungie, Pennsylvania 
While on this planet for a half a century, I have found myself in some pretty interesting (if not ridiculous) scenarios. Having graduated from a Military academy and working as a DJ in thirteen markets in the 1970's, I somehow became involved in international finance. It was these characters who ...
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Virginia Gardner Strasburg, Pennsylvania 
Where to begin? Born and raised in New England and Maritime Canada. Salt water in my veins! Lived all along the eastern seaboard and a bit in Europe. Now in beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Educated but no degree. Marriages, I've had a few. Finally got it right and then he passed away. Now a wi...
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Melissa Popp Lancaster, Pennsylvania photo
When not pursuing my academics in school, I regularly spend my time playing the online computer game, NationStates (www.nationstates.net) where I am a high profile player. I also enjoy reading the Classics, The Canterbury Tales being one of my favorites, and writing poetry about all things in the u...
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Alfred Applegate South Newaftonshire, Pennsylvania 
What? I don't allow bio masses to grow in my house!
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Lorena Shannon  photo
What is a biography for other than saying who I am and what I've done? It seems simple enough, right? Behold, my sheepish expression as I try to word something together that makes me seem even quasi-interesting! Watch me also as I fail miserably. Regretfully, all I am is an aspiring author who ha...
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Fallon Stoeffler Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Well, this block should probably remain empty. I am, as most on here probably are, a writer looking to get published. That might be just pipe dreams, but I guess that's up to the fates to decide. Right now I'm just sitting around with binders full of unpublished material turning to dust in the co...
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Walter Graboski Hastings, Pennsylvania 
well lets see hear first of all im 24 yrs old and come from a small town in hastings pennsylvannia .I just love being my self and if people cant except me for who i am then thats there problem .i bascially write anything from stories to poetry to song lyrics and is looking for a publisher to help m...
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