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Arwen Schoenthal Bend, Oregon 
I'mm 22 years old, and grew up in Bend Oregon. I've been writing since I could read.
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Leon West Eugene, Oregon 
I'm too good looking to be an engineer, too geeky to be a visual artist, too violent to work with the adults, too obscene to work with children, too impatient to work with animals, and I don't respond well to authority figures. So I wrote a violent and obscene book, and now I'm trying to sell it....
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Chris McCrellis-Mitchell Medford, Oregon 
I'm tired of telling people I want to be a writer. I've got the stories. I've got the love of the art of wordplay. I've just let life and laziness get in the way of my dream. In the mid-90's I was a freelance music journalist, interviewing and reviewing the work of some of my favorite bands. I loved...
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Oliver Brennan Portland, Oregon 
I'm struggling, every day, against resistance. I work full time in IT and in parenthood.
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Mark Mccann Lake Oswego, Oregon 
I'm still here on planet earth... now what?
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Dennis Hamilton Tigard, Oregon 
I'm published in the sense that I got my book -- The Advent of Dionysus -- copywrited and published on the Internet: http://www.dionysus.org ... My prose? I'm not so sure about that? It's definitely getting better. But as I'm more the "nuts and bolts" type, I tend to focus more on "the facts" and ac...
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John Martin Bend, Oregon 
I'm primarily interested in fiction writing, but I've written on commercial topics for a daily newspaper, as well.
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Deborah Scott Klamath Falls, Oregon 
I'm pretty much stuck in the 1950's and 60's, and so prefer Ngaio Marsh and Agatha Christie over just about any modern romantic mystery writer. The book I finally found a publisher for is entitled Deathbed of Roses, and it still turns up in used book stores every now and then. I sit down and read ...
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Jeramiah Muller  
I'm only fifteen years old and wish to explore my writing talent a bit further.
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Dave Carter Portland, Oregon 
I'm looking for an agent. I have an idea for a novel. I want to better understand how books are published, before I start. i.e. does the publisher want the manuscript in Word? How will I be compensated? What ideas are popluar? What novels fail commercially and why. I'm college educated...
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