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Walt Hughes, Sr.  photo
Update Oct. 2009: I've always thought It fun to put the relavent stuff first and finish with the boring details. The statement, "Who are you really?" intrigues me ... I took a college course in philosophy a few years back, and the first question the professor asked was, "Who are you?" Anoth...
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Jillian M  
Um not much to say. I entered a poetry contest and they sent me a letter asking to publish the poem... I write papers for school all the time and thats what got me writing.
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David Seed  
UC berkeley grad, lived writer's chaotic life, now old man but fourteen years sober.
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Thor Benson Portland, Oregon photo
Thor Benson is a traveling writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Benson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and has been in the United States most of his life since then. Benson wrote his first novel in Puerto Rico, and has yet to publish it. He has been described as: "psychotic,"...
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Cate Patricolo  photo
The Star Writers at Written Among the Stars specialize in writing academic curricula in any subject. Successful clients include charter schools, home-school programs, after school activities, in-class subject curricula, study guides, college courses, un-schooling, parental involvement, and more. C...
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Candy Hines Medford, Oregon 
The hot wind blew threw the open windows of the car as it raced along the the road. It was unusually hot for early June, when Janet went into labbor for the first time. The horn blared wildly as Ralph went threw yet another red light. Janet sheiked as the convulsive pains ran through her body... ...
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Taylor Thompson Salem, Oregon 
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Richard Nystrom Tigard, Oregon photo
Technical writer for the computer industry for 50 years; then, author of fiction and nonfiction. Website: www.RSNystromSr.com.
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Matt Love Pacific City, Oregon 
Taught high school for ten years and am now trying to publish a memoir of my last year in the classroom.
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Stanley Straub Cottage Grove, Oregon 
Stanley C. Straub was born in California, but lived his early years in Oregon. After spending four years in the United States Navy, he went to work in the aerospace industry in California, where he spent his working years as an engineer/manager. While working, he attended El Camino Jr. College and...
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