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Kathryn Hylla  
Kathryn was born in Houston, Texas and unfortunately transplanted from the womb and taken to Broken Arrow, OK. I lived there all my life-except for a stint as a Marine Corp wife in S.C. I wrote my first story when I was 4 and haven't stopped since. In college I was noted many times for my crea...
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James Chancellor  
Just released the e book titled, The Bastard, A Demon Within. Now available unproduced scripts, The Bastard A Murder Justified Total Eclipse of the Heart The Intern Betrayed
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Aaron Cerny Norman, Oklahoma 
Junior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Political Science and minoring in English. I have been writing ever since the third grade and wish to continue my graduate studies in English literature. I hope to complete my PHD and teach English while writing on the side.
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Jim Wright Stonewall, Oklahoma 
Jim Wright: A Brief Bio Born February 5, 1946. Married to Marylyn Sue (Fowler) Wright. Three kids (blessedly raised and moved out) with seven grandkids. Insomuch as I have experience as a soldier, school teacher, government contractor, politician, inventor, private investigator, gospel preac...
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Tamara Grantham  
Jealousy. Perhaps not the best virtue, or a virtue at all, but itís what made me start writing. I read a novel called Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day Goerge. In the end was her bio. As I read it, you guessed it, jealousy set in. She said she had one small child and another on the way wh...
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Arlyn Clary Sand Springs, Oklahoma 
Ive done some newspaper columns published some short, short stories(very minimal). Following is an example of what I would like to do for a column. The column would cover a wide range of topics. Article sample: I LOVE SEX1 Get ready to have your mind distorted. Sup...
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Jeff Juby Park Hill, Oklahoma 
It's been said that art is meaningless unless you share it with someone else, and I feel that I have reached the point where I want to share my writing with as many people as possible!
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G. Eliabeth Barr  
In the past, I have been paid for my writing efforts. I wrote for a college journal and newspaper. As a journalist, I covered everything from sports to politics to front page news. I liked writing for a newspaper. I spent all of last year painting. Did alot of experimental pieces with acryl...
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Joshua Roberts Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
In short I love to write. I like to take old tried and true genres and spice them up a bit. Story of course is keen. I've found that people will go see just about anything, as long as it has a compelling enough story to get them out of their homes. I have been screenwriting for about 6 years now...
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Catherine Baker  
In all honesty, I hate doing this. Granted, it may hekp me out in the long run for getting selected to write and possibly published, but it's such a hassle. What can I put on here that would make me stand out from the others on here but wouldn't go overboard with it? In the end, you'll either win...
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