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Joshua Barry Tecumseh, Oklahoma 
Will be working on 1st book while at EOD school. I'll put more if it turns out to be worth anyones time. Right now Goblins are getting ready to rape a teenager.
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Christy Hart Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
Who am I? I am just your garden variety ordinary, average woman living her life. What is so special about me? I have learned the answer of how to make my ordinary life extrodinary. Why does this make my writing special and unique? Because I am the woman who buys the books on self-help, marriage...
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Christoph Niemand  photo
When the heading of the box read ‘Bio’ I thought I would have the normal writer’s block we all seem to experience when filling out neat little boxes in which we are to reveal ourselves to the world. Not this time; primarily because I left the box and went to Word to write it out. Hi, I’m Chris. ...
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Gary Laymon Tulsa, Oklahoma 
What's My Name Paranormal Thriller WGAw# 1148620 Forced to have an abortion at the age of 17, Erin Spencer, now mid-late 20's, contends with a nightmarish past, guilt, and the deeds of her father. When her 6 year old son, Christopher, begins playing with an imaginary friend, Erin th...
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Connie Eggleston Shawnee, Oklahoma 
Very outspoken and happily married. I'm a very private person. Grew up in the early 50's when a persons word was their bond. Trust is a big thing with me still, if the "Trust" has been broken, I'm done, it's that simple.
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Vincient Cleamons Muskogee, Oklahoma 
Upon request. However, I can tell you that I have a strong affinity for the male seahorse because it is the male of that species who carries and gives birth to its young.
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Ariana Jackson Hobart, Oklahoma 
To begin, I'm 23 years old and live in Hobart, Oklahoma. I'm recently married to my love, Jake, and we have our first child together, Michael, born in January of this year. I grew up in the country with my brothers and sisters. Graduated from high school in 2010 and attended the technology center fo...
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Melissa Gomez Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
Through life's inevitable iniquity and my own personal struggles with the reason for my existence, I write about the truth. Something that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you wish for something better. I'm a Christian who isn't afraid to use a cuss word if it fits the story line and I'm...
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Bill Yirka Enid, Oklahoma 
Thirty years of studying ecology, evolution, geology, physics and astronomy establishes the scientific framework of William Yirka’s many enjoyable and believable novels. His military service, his skeptical catholic upbringing and his previous electronics and computer programming professions have fu...
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Jennifer Cox  
The second time it happened, I thought I would write it because I cannot make the sound. I will allow others to read it and I will be anxious to do so. I don’t know what this means, what my motivation is for sure. Am I a narcissist? Is the story so unique, engaging, and enrapturing that others wil...
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