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Ceara Comeau  photo
I started writing stories when I was twelve years old. My writing career began with “Amber Oak Volume 1” and “Adventures of the Young and Curious”. Both books were a compilation of short stories that were self-published when I was fifteen years old. Over the next few years, “Amber Oak Volu...
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Cynthia Davis Stratham, New Hampshire 
I started an online magazine www.newhampshirewriters.com which is designed to gain exposure to new writers. I am an aspiring writer myself. I have completed several short stories and 2 parts of a 3-part novel. Most of my work would fall under the category of irony. I have styled my work after th...
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Bentley Dadmun Campton, New Hampshire 
I recently asked someone how their week-end went. They looked at me and said, "Well, it didn't go as I intended." As I reluctantly enter the winter of my life, and as I (with something akin to terror) realize that I am now officially a Geezer, I can look bck on that life and say, "Well, for the m...
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Autymn Wyitt  
I put pen to paper and let my imagination be free. Often my goal is to learn something. I just love to write!
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Kate Fiorella Atkinson, New Hampshire 
I love to write and my ultimate goal is to one day get one of my stories published. I have never had a book published before, so I am looking for a good company that will accept my work, but I'm not into the whole self-publishing thing. I like to write fiction and fantasy. I have been writing sto...
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Tina Peden  
I love black olives, the internet and cute shoes, all in that order. I hate guys who abuse women, beets and Omarosa from \"The Apprentice\", not necessarily in that order. I currently am a writer who specializes in humor, song and comic book style writing.
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Joshua Yeaton Strafford, New Hampshire 
I just graduated with a BA focused in Acting and minoring in English. In the time I was at Keene State, I wrote several poems, a few short stories, and a couple of short plays. Since graduating on May 11th, 2008, I've written at least a dozen letters to employers. I keep a journal, too. The point is...
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Doug Hanson Nashua, New Hampshire 
I have written a collection of ten short stories entitled "Reflections of a Young Boy Growing Up in a Small New England Town". Individual stories include; "The Swamp", " The Indians Grave", "The Corn Cob Pipe", and, "The Rock". I have a full length novel titled "The Eider Files" to be rekeased...
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Peter Hildebrand Bennington, New Hampshire 
I have wanted to write a book for many, many years. I just started a month ago. I recently discovered that there was a writers group meeting at my Church that I attend (Bennington Congressional Church). It was after a men's group/Bible study that I found out there was a writers group right after t...
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Elaine Fitch  
I have published seven genealogical/historical books based upon information found in my personal collection of thousands of 19th Century newspapers. The newest book, Poor Mrs. Godwin and Other Unfortunates is a compilation of true crime and tragedy stories affecting ordinary citizens. Each story mir...
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