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Frank Spinella Bow, New Hampshire 
I'm a trial lawyer by vocation and a writer by avocation. Thus far I've published two novels. I use the same model to write as I do to try cases: thorough research, humanizing the protagonist (my client), putting the audience (jury) "in the moment," letting the characters (witnesses) tell the story...
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Rodney Lacroix Salem, New Hampshire 
I'm a remarried father of tw children and two step-children who is slowly losing his mind (see reference to children). I've written three best-selling humor books and have previously won both cover and content awards. Things always invariably go wrong for me, so I channel that aggravation ...
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Marcia Duffy Keene, New Hampshire 
I'm a freelance writer (write everything from food to farming to investment...much prefer food). I'm also the publisher and editor of a weekly online magazine, The Heart of New England...celebrating the unique character of northern New England. www.TheHeartofNewEngland.com
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Erin Bauers Manchester, New Hampshire 
I'm a 33 year old adventurous woman who enjoys sharing this kind of spirit with her daughter. I come from a big family who have all become successful in their own endeavors. I'm doing through a divorce right now which has taken a toll on me just like anyone else, but we pull up our big panties and...
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Ron Bellimer Lebanon, New Hampshire 
I'm a 17 year old male, junior in high school. I've been playing the trumpet since 5th grade and I started guitar sophmore year. In seventh grade, music became the forefront of my life, nothing was more important. That is also the same year my writing started coming out. I was able to throw out ...
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Virginia Towler  
I write.
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Jason Sanderson Madison, New Hampshire 
I was born in 1966, and have lived in various places around the US. I am currently serving as bishop for the Liberal Catholic Church International, Diocese of New Hampshire. I also direct missions in Africa, and journey there about 4 times a year.
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Andrew Phelps Hudson, New Hampshire 
I was born here in hudson in '82. I am a young writer and I hope to continue to write until I keel over and die. Thats all I have to say about that.
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Britney Anderson  
I was born and raised here in New Hampshire and I wouldn\'t want it any other way.I am not a big city type of gal. I guess you could call me a \"county bumpkin\" but hey its me. Though I do love to travel but coming home is nice. I am a freelance writer and I would love to be able to some day be ...
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Jasmine Mann Londonderry, New Hampshire 
I was born and I will die. In between, 75% of the things that happen daily I won't remember. How to narrow it down? I am female, I am married, I am a mother and I write poetry. I have been writing poetry because I like to for several years. I am also young, though that shouldn't have any bearing on ...
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