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Wendy Duncan Lincoln, Nebraska 
I grew up on the move (translation: I was a construction brat with a contractor father). I switched schools enough times to perfect the "I'm the New Girl in School That You've Always Wanted for a Best Friend" routine into an art form...self-made extrovert by necessity. I was a Theatre/English maj...
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Derek Ryter Lincoln, Nebraska 
I grew up in southwest Colorado near the home of the late Louis L'Amour and read many of his novels when I was young. I found his stories quaint and always wanted to develop a series of novels that provided a satire of his genre. I have thus far written two manuscripts in this vane and self-publish...
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K. Michael.f.f Omaha, Nebraska 
I grew up in California. I fled to Nebraska when the strip malls took over. The strip malls and the generic stucco construction followed. Instead of panicing, I got married. I've written for a number of local publications in the Omaha area. I've written about travel, religion, culture, music...
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Veronica Bright Omaha, Nebraska 
I follow where the keyboard leads. The written word has always been a fascination for me, and for years I have worked on mastering the skill and art, of Writing. Creating an article, or story is a passion for me. I wrote even before I knew the rules. College offered me some polishing, and gettin...
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Byron Johnson O'Neill, Nebraska 
I am the youngest of four children, born in Wisconsin in the late 50's. I am married with 5 children, I am a musician, a songwriter, a shade tree mechanic, and home improvement guy. I love the outdoors; fishing, hiking, canoing. I play guitar, drums, and mess around with a synthesizer. I am a fairl...
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Sharon McAlister Omaha, Nebraska 
I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and have remained here to be close to my family. One of my greatest joys in life was sharing my grandparents with my first two children long enough for them to remember their sweet and loving nature. One of my greatest sorrows is raising my second two children...
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Marcus Cureton Cozad, Nebraska 
I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but currently resides in Nebraska. I am not published as of yet but going through the process with Iunivers. I plaan to get out there the best way I can. I'm pushing my poetry through them first to see how the 'Game' goes. I've written several novels and poetry...
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Kelly Hardin  
I am brand new to the literary game. I've been reading books for as long as I can remember; I started reading practically as soon as I began talking! By the time I was 7, I had developed a deep and intense love of books. I began reading my mother's Danielle Steel when I was 9, and started in on m...
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Bob Brolhorst Lincoln, Nebraska 
I am Bob Brolhorst a family man first with a passion for Internet Marketing. I decided to become involved in Internet Marketing four years ago for four reasons. First because it fascinated me, second as a person that has been involved with offline marketing for over 16 years I knew that traditional ...
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Robin E Shirley North Platte, Nebraska 
I am an award winning journalist and freelance writer with more than 15 years experience in the industry, including newspapers/magazines and Web content. My resume, bio nearly 50 of my published clips as well as a variety of other professional information is available for review at my Web site.
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