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Sarah Leymaster Lincoln, Nebraska 
I know this is supposed to be terribly creative exulting my skills as a wonderful up and coming writer who is eager to progress into the world of published writing. Perhaps a dash of humor, maybe a splash of vivid prose, but definitely eager. The eager part is accurate. The novice part is as we...
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Annie Arias Lincoln, Nebraska 
I have written 300 or more articles published in the US and Canada, most of them profiling American Indian musicians and artists. Produced "Buffalo Soul," a two-hour weekly radio show on KZUM 89.3FM in Lincoln, for five years. My play list included powwow and ceremonial songs, as well as rap, blue...
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Laurel Johnson Fairbury, Nebraska 
I have one published book, The Grass Dance, which is non-fiction. It has enjoyed good reviews and less than stellar sales. A second book, The Alley of Wishes, is slated for release by 1stBooks within the next couple months. This second book is fiction and a complete departure from the first in ...
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Lowell Hennigs Lincoln, Nebraska 
I have lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, for six years and have been writing and speaking professionally for nearly twenty-five years.
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Tonya K  
I have completed a novel, which I am now re-writing for the third time. This, of course, is after six edits of the first draft. I have started two more novels, but have them on hold until I finish this re-write. We can never let go of our first "baby," can we?
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Stacy Sheppard Omaha, Nebraska 
I have been writing since I was 14. My favorite works include the stories based upon my life with some fiction into them and the ones where the characters are like me. I have one story that is very close to my heart, but I love when people read it cause they cry and show the emotions I felt within t...
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Jennifer Crunk Lincoln, Nebraska 
I have been writing in one for or another since elementary school. I credit this to a series of great english teachers and an unusually vivid imagination. I have attempted writing novel sized manuscripts several times in the past, but until recently they remain too short for consideration or unfini...
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Albert Tukker Omaha, Nebraska 
I have been writing for years, having several poems published in anthologies. I've never been paid for my writing, but that does not deter me. I write, else my head will explode. I have written numerous poems, short stories, and several novellas.
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Jason Mcclain Fremont, Nebraska 
I have always been poetry readed and try to write my own. I now have 3 published poems its not that many but it means the world to me.I have considered writing my life story after all its filled with love,loss,amazing acheivments and disaterious losses. I hope to find a kind of love I read about som...
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Dale Weber Juniata, Nebraska 
I have a Master's of Science in Clinical Psychology, and have always tinkered with writing in all of its forms, from novels to short stories, a children's book to my Master's thesis. I have never been published, because quite honestly, I have never fully invested myself in my writing (a lot of real-...
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