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Robert Webb  
I am now turning 40 years old, I was born in 1974 in the town that was once known as The Big Lick. That town is known as now of the city Roanoke nestled in the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia. I am the firstborn of my father and my mother's second marriage, and have only on...
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Sarah Jackson Missoula, Montana 
I am an artistic, outgoing individual, who has always loved books, especially old, rare ones. I have loved writing since I was 13 years old. I have written many pieces of poetry, usually giving them to friends, as gifts. I have had my work looked at and was told I should consider having them publis...
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Scott Sery Billings, Montana photo
I am a writer in Billings, Montana. I have been doing research writing for over 14 years, and I love the flexible schedule that it brings. I am expanding my business and reaching out to more clients. I can not only craft unique pages of content, but I can also help with search engine optimization...
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Ted Geoghegan  
I am a published magazine author, have penned six film screenplays in the US and Europe, and am a member of the GSW - German Screenwriters Guild. In 2004, I wrote and directed Ghouls Gone Wild, a musical horror/comedy which was wide-released on DVD. I have most recently sold my sixth film screen...
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Nicole  Cannavaro  
I am a humanist, nowist, musician and avid writer. Basically, I like people, I live happily, I make noise on lots of instruments, and make lots of shit up. When I'm not doing that, I'm running around in the woods somewhere, or stuffing my face with something that usually contains bacon.
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Amanda McGee  
I am a high school author that has yet to be formally published. I have quite a few fan fiction pieces as well as some poetry published on sites such as DeviantArt, fanfiction.net, and quizilla. I am an avid fan of independent films and I'm always willing to read a new author. I prefer writing su...
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Ann Crane  
I am a happily married mother of five wonderful children. Each unique and an inspiration in their own way. I was born in Florida but rasied in Mississippi. My childhood was spent in a dream world, making up places to visit and creating people to live in those places. I have always loved to create an...
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Melissa Reynard Bozeman, Montana 
I am a graduage of the Ohio State University with a degree in Linguistics. I have a great interest in language use and different languages in general. I write primarily fantasy although I do have some published poetry and published scholarly work.
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Gregory Richardson Helena, Montana 
I am a credit expert. If you are looking for the fastest yet guaranteed solution that will fix all your credit problems, please do visit my website and read my article on how to fix bad credit.
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Jessica Noonan Missoula, Montana 
I am a creative writing major at the University of Montana. My influences include Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman, both only to a certain degree. I enjoy writing in the fantasy/supernatural genre (if there is such a genre), but have written many things that are mainstream, autobiographical, and non-f...
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