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Gary Beck  
I was born an only child in 1964. I am a self-published author of four books: 1. HEAVEN'S GATE A MEMORIAL Established 2009 2. Love From The Spirit A Compilation of Poetry 3. Memories of Love Reflection in Sorrows. (A sequil to my poetry. I never attended college classes for writing, it was...
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Barbara Fifer Helena, Montana 
I was a print editor, proofreader, author, and indexer, and website updater and maintainer for 34 years in corporations and nonprofits, and now am freelancing. Have edited dozens and dozens of nonfiction books, and written nonfiction books, captions for photo books, jacket copy, press releases, cata...
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Tom Egelhoff Bozeman, Montana 
I started in sales over 35 years ago. Over those years I've sold just about everything except used cars and clothes. I always wanted to put down my experiences in a book but just never seemed to be able to find the niche that hadnít been worn out. After all ó business has been going on for centuries...
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Kelly Cyr Great Falls, Montana 
I published "Supreme Love: A Battered Woman's True Story" after going through the most incredulous time of my life. It's been almost fifteen years now and I am still in shock over what I went through. My book is available through Amazon.com or through me. I wrote my book with the sole purpose of hel...
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Kelly Durgeloh Charlo, Montana 
I love a blank sheet of paper and a sharp pencil. then I just let my imagination run through my fingers. Or a black screen on the coputer and a key board. Need help acationaly with grammer and spelling. I have never tried any thing but fiction but willing.
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Michael Mahony Bozeman, Montana 
I have written professionally for radio, television, stage and print mediums for over 30 years, in entertainment, commercial, marketing and news venues. Please contact me if I can be of assistance on your writing project.
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Terri Widdicombe Harlowton, Montana 
I have never been published before. I own a video rental business and I was tired of reading, listening to and viewing the same stuff. So I wrote a fiction novel involving drama, humor, suspense, murder, and love. I live in the mountains of Montana, with my husband and children.
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Joseph Drivdahl Glendive, Montana 
I have completed my first novel, Murder in the West Bottoms, the story of a high profile Kansas City attorney, which I have made available as an e-book for free. Simply download it from www.drivdahl.net. Leave a message in the Contact Joe area, then after reading the book, come back and write a r...
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Christopher Roberts Billings, Montana 
I have been writing since the age of eight (science fiction) and am just recently getting serious about getting published. Since about 1992, I've been toying around with epic fantasy storylines and have written three novels, but never tried to publicize them. Now, I've completed a novel called "Wi...
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Norm Leeper Butte, Montana 
I have been writing for quite some time. Just for the amusement of family and friends. Lately, well for a few years now, i have been submitting short stories on a variety of forums. Invariably they have been met with great enthusiasm. I finished my first western st the encouragement of Jo Johnstone...
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