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Laura Askew Springfield, Missouri 
Who is this woman and why the hell does she write? Well, I ask myself these questions daily and the only good answers I have are: I am a sarcastic tart that lives in a world of wild and wicked words, some sweet and tender and some cutting and vicious. I write because I must and in doing so I...
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David L Erickson Forsyth, Missouri photo
Who am I? A family man, former business owner, community activist, an adventurer in my youth who got into fast cars and motorcycles, and alternative life styles, a Vietnam vet. I wrote my first novel at age fourteen, but didn't began to write serious fiction again until 1995. In the mean time, I wro...
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Michael Bland O'Fallon, Missouri 
When I was 16 years old, a girl I had been dating announced that she was breaking up with me. When I asked why, she informed me, "You don't ever tell me how you feel. You tell stories instead." I should have taken that as a sign, but it wasn't until after I had graduated college and started wo...
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Lacey Woolf  
What more to say, I write constantly in my free time poetry and short stories, and anything else I feel the need to pen down. It's been my escape, since I was eight. I have won some contests mainly when I was younger, but I lost touch of myself for quiet a few years and only wrote in short sporadic ...
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D. E. Wyatt  
Well, where to begin. I’m a St. Louis native and die-hard Cardinals fan (go Cards!). I’ve been writing something since the late 80s and into the 90s. I’m not entirely certain what the first bit of fiction was I ever wrote, but it would most likely have been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rela...
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Jaxom Mingus  
Well i'm kind of a kid at heart. I have written little short stories. Only about a paragraph long. I have been told that i should try to write a book. Now i am trying, and wondering where it will take me.
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Gerald Mint  
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Michelle Strickland Kansas City, Missouri 
Want to become a published author. Have a degree in General Social Science, I have worked in Social Service, Educational and Human Service settings. I Long to become a finacially successful writer since I were a child. I specialize in fiction for juveniles and fantasy stories.
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Jerri LaPoint  
Unpublished writer with recently-completed novel called Chaos Brides: Lorna, Guardian of the Elgin Gate. I come from a large family, and live with four dogs. Back in the good old days, I was a mainframe computer programmer with lots of COBOL experience and an interest in converting systems, files, a...
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William Powers St. Louis, Missouri 
Unpublished writer looking for someone to represent my work
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