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Zera Ruiz D'Iberville, Mississippi 
I have never been published, but i hope to be someday. I have written a book called SOCKTOWN. This book is about my life in the south during the 1950's. It is not a sob story, it's very funny, as my brother says when you are poor its one thing, but when you are poor in the south you might as well ha...
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Stephen Cheek Kosciusko, Mississippi 
I have many hobbies and all are rewarding. I have been very blessed with contented talents. Writing is a wonderful thing to be able to do and I take it very serious, as I do life. I hope to leave something in this old world for others to enjoy one day. A good book would be near the top. ...
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Percy Adams Bay St Louis, Mississippi 
I Have had some writing published but no screenplays, I have three finished screenplays. 1. RITUAL ( The Blue Moon Horror) 2. ISIS (Animal DNA Experiments in humans) 3. Timescape (Si-Fi Time travel)
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Jeff Benner  photo
I have had a long interest in the Hebrew language of the Bible and in 1996 began researching the ancient pictographic alphabet used by the Hebrew people and other Semitic tribes. In 1999 I founded the "Ancient Hebrew Research Center" (http://www.ancient-hebrew.org) to research and teach Biblical und...
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Duncan Anderson Ocean Springs, Mississippi photo
I have dreamed of being a writer since about 4th grade. I would write short storys that all my friends would read. Then once in High School, I started writing poetry and novels. Of course the poetry was horrible and the novels lacked almost everything, but it was a start. From there I have worke...
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Allen Ladner Richland, Mississippi 
I have been writing since I was 15 years old. Until recently I was not published. I have now gotten my first novel published along with a short story. I am working on a series of vampire novels as well as a fantasy series. I also have a few other projects, all fiction except for one on Morrigan, ...
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Lanesia Young Jackson, Mississippi 
I have been writing my entire life but it was recently that I realized writing is an actual passion. I have written a memoir called Secrets Through Her Eyes and various other works ranging from plays and scripts. Although I can write many genres of stories I gravitate more towards drama-filled and t...
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Sharon Wilson Canton, Mississippi 
I have been write on this book every since 1995 and I need somebody to help me to publish because people need know how their children can get sexual abuse by a stranger etc.
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Rebecca Cole Ms, Mississippi 
I have been a devoted writer of stories for eight years and a novelist now for five. I enjoy taking bold steps in the world of literature; taking something so old its hardly acknowledged anymore and making it into such a grand modern story that people are reawakened to the world of books. I love tel...
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Alan Johnson Southaven, Mississippi 
i have always wanted to be a writer. i wrote plays in high school but lately i have had an idea for an on-going group of stories that deal with growing up in the late 70's and early 80's before there was laptop computers and cellular phones. when relationships were started by other means besides c...
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