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Carl Purdon Randolph, Mississippi 
I wanted to write before I could read. Almost everything I wrote in school got pinned to the corkboard on the wall. Mine was usually the one the teacher read to the class. I was painfully shy. Upon graduation my father gave me my choice of two technical courses in community college, or the highwa...
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Ron Parkerf  
I suffer from tunnel-vision. The curse of the one-track mind.
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Bwttyw Glydewell Carriere, Mississippi 
I started writing as a young child and chose journalism as my college major. Even though I didn't finish college, I have continued my education in the field by taking non-credited college writing courses. I have written children's stories for the Southern Baptist Convention Board and they publis...
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Donna Bryant  
I remember when my youngest son was about 5 years old, we would make up stories together. One of us would start with a sentence, the other would make up the next sentence, and so on. We never knew where the story would take us and his laughter at the crazy ideas we came up with was always contagious...
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L. Crow Frost  
I live in the South. I graduated with a B.S. in English and Professional Writing from the University of North Alabama and a Master\'s degree in Leadership and Education from the University of Mississippi. I have won several scholarships and awards for writing. I am currently looking at programs t...
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Marc Martin Potts Camp, Mississippi 
I live in the south but lived my childhood in Mich. off the camps of M.S.U.. My father was a teacher in humanities, and in philosophy. As for my mother was a teacher as well in the arts for the public schools. I have two brothers. One is a year older, and one a year younger. So here I am living just...
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Enoch A Taque  
I live in the country in southern Mississippi as a composition instructor at the University of Southern Mississippi. I play profession music and care for my five year old while maintaining sanity.
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Vanessa Williams Columbus, Mississippi 
I live in Columbus, Mississippi with my fabulous husband, Charles, where I spend much of my day teaching. I have a master’s degree in Health Education. I have two adult children, and I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren JaKobi and Javon. I also enjoy reading, writing, and traveling. I began...
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Connie Hood-hadden Nesbit, Mississippi 
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Percy Adams Lakeshore, Mississippi 
I have writen over seven screenplays and have one that is in production . I was born in New Orleans, La. I now live in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast in a small town named Clearmont Harbor, it's just west of Waveland, MS.
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