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J. Redice Knight Collins, Mississippi 
I am a retired mathematics and computer science teacher. I have written two books, Nubbin Ridge and The Chinaberry Tree, both are about the sorrows and joys of growing up poor in the rural South during the thirties and forties.
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Arnold Lindsay Jackson, Mississippi 
I am a newspaper reporter of about 16 years, and I have covered a variety of beats. I am writing fiction based on some of the strangest and most shocking stories I've covered on governmental, police and county beats. I am in the process of seeking an agent for one book that's almost written and prep...
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Duncan Anderson Ocean Springs, Mississippi 
I am a new writer eager to get my first book published. I love to write Murder mysteries and short stories. I have written a several articles as well as some poetry. I am working hard to get published and get my name known in the writing world.
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Dolores Bibb Inverness, Mississippi 
I am a Mississippi freelance writer who has been writing for what seems like most of my life. I currently write both fiction and non-fiction. My non-fiction is mostly magazine specific and my fiction is mainly children, young adult and some romance mixed in for good measure.
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Thomas Ray Crystal Springs, Mississippi 
I am a Geologist/Environmental Scientist. I have been writing Sci-Fi stories for over twenty years. I completed my first two screenplays in June of 2000. The scripts were requested for reading by several producers and agencies. I have begun three more Screenplays and have completed a third the i...
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April Toche Ovett, Mississippi 
I am a freelance writer and mother of 4 wonderfully annoying children. I write whenever I can, most of my time is spent looking for work, ah the life of a freelance writer, or taking care of my children. I love to write about health and law, but I have the ability to write about most anything.
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Bonnie Fortier D Iberville, Mississippi 
I am a former "hard news" reporter for a county newspaper on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have just finished my first ms in what I hope will be a series of short novels for teens.
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Davis Riddle Columbia, Mississippi photo
I am a Consulting Forester whose first love was writing. I wrote my first "book," a semi-literate picture book on WWII when I was in 2nd grade. As a hobby, I was constantly making up new stories, characters, worlds, and events through grade school. In high school, I created a world by first drawi...
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Richie Caldwell Oxford, Mississippi 
I am a college graduate, a writer, and I make coffee drinks in Oxford, MS.
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Michael Hensley Ocean Springs, Mississippi 
I am a 62 y/o physician who works for the state health department. I have not published any novels yet but have written over 29 articles in medical journals about childhood cancer which I practiced for 17 years. In the past 6 years ! have written 2 novels, One,California Cossing,(240 pages) is compl...
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