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Shel Horowitz Hadley, Massachusetts photo
Which would you rather read? "Electronic Privacy Expert Releases New Book" (snore!) or "It's 10 O'Clock-Do You Know Where Your Credit History Is?" Press releases, sellsheets, web pages...copywriting that tells "the story behind the story"- from the award-winning author of Grassroots Marketing f...
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James Chester Boston, Massachusetts 
When I was a teenager, I found a passion for philosophy and then found the work done by Nietzsche and my passion became a love, which, in turn, has become a curse (poverty) and a blessing (extraordinary learning and development). I have written a reiteration of Nietzsche's metaphysica, which pres...
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Chris Gordon Owen Boston, Massachusetts 
What does a biography really reveal? I have degrees in music and literature, I've played the cello and written book reviews and "feature" articles in New Jersey and Washington State. I walk and I read. I go to plays. I take care of a grandson. And I burrow into my own and other people's psychol...
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Jaye Em Edgecliff  
What do you want to know, and why should I answer? Who and what I am has no bearing on my writing. I could be a cat, I could be random data corruption of what had been a jpeg of Sara-Jean Underwood's breasts, I could be anything or anyone. I'm a by-line on the cover of a book. It's what...
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Francisco Rivera  
Well I am new writer trying to find that break. I really enjoy writing I would really like it to be my permanent line of work, everything else seems to boring. I am young but that only means that I have a lot to give, I always seem to have a new idea for a story. I am also really determined so wont ...
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Joseph  Pugai  
We have developed a new marketing concept and were selling our books on buyyourbookfromtheauthor.com our new web page, look us up in particular our author section. No we DON'T Charge any fees and are not a for fee agent, what we are is authors like you who have figured out how to sell our books ...
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Lee Chadeayne Acton, Massachusetts 
We are a group of retired college professors, published authors and accredited translators of literary and academic texts Translations from German to English and French to English, also editing of English-language materials.
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Walter Williams  
Walt Williams holds advanced degrees in anthropology and archeology and is an avid historian, mystic, poet, and author who manages an information security program at a prominent New England start-up. He is noted for his bad puns, and willingness to argue from any perspective. He is endured by his be...
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Richard HAMILTON  
vietnam vet. worked in computer industry. i have retired and have always wanted to write for children. I wrote "Jessica the littlest Trex." I was too dumb to realize it needed editing. The edited version is on Amazon for 99 cents. I have multiple unedited stories on it that are undergoing editing an...
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Velia Pola East Dennis, Massachusetts 
Velia Pola is a native of Cape Cod where she currently lives and works. She enjoys escaping "over the bridge" to pursue adventure whenever possible.
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