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Roxanne Springer Westbrook, Maine 
I have always loved to write and have spent years working on my skill. I am unpublished as of yet, but am working on a romance/adventure novel that I believe is very good.
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Carrie Pulsifer  
I have always been the "square peg in round hole" type. I was the kid with the goofy haircut who wore my track shorts backward for almost a whole track season. While my classmates talked about homecoming, I wrote annotations of spirituality on the classroom chalkboard. No one had a clue that I wa...
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Ali Berry Crystal, Maine 
I grew up in Maine and learned to write at a young age. I have done many productions in acting and music but am yet to be a successful as I wish to be.
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Tim Chandler Monhegan, Maine 
I grew up along coastal Maine before moving to London, England for several years. After deciding that an undergraduate degree in business wasn't for me - I moved back to Maine to pursue a degree in English. I have been writing in one form or another since I was young and turned to the craft of th...
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John Doe NoWhere, Maine 
I am what you would call a baby. I've been serious about novel writing since my senior year in high school. I'm only 21. I have made enough mistakes to know that I'm destined to make a few more in the future. So far the only writing credit I have is for LA Youth. A Los Angeles newspaper by and about...
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Priscilla E. Richardson  
I am in the process of writing my first book. Supernatural/Mystery Known best for my stint as a teacher,....and love it!
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Dan Spaulding  
I am from Maine and am only 14. I write a lot of jumbled ideas and have just started to settle with an idea. I enjoy "working" on fictional dramatized events. My current "work" being compiled follows a boy that has a life threatening disease. that's all for now. If intersested in more details, j...
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David Barnett Bangor, Maine 
I am currently a High School English Teacher. I love to write, laugh, experience, and tell stories. I would much rather do the writing, than to read the crappy essays my students write.
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Lynn Davis  
I am an attorney with an undergraduate degree in anthropology (go figure). Though I live in Maine, I was born and raised in Texas and spent eight years in southern California. I've traveled widely in the U.S. and spent some time in Mexico as an anthropology student. I'm addicted to really good co...
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Jacob Grandmaison Bangor, Maine 
I am a young, 23 year old, who is currently work on a crime fiction novel "A Night to Forget". I may be young in age, but I am not new to writing. I have been writing poetry and short stories since age 9. Although I have not had any of my stories published I have had a few poems published ...
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