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Marcy Gentemann  
I have worked as a writer since 1984. Worked as an editor and feature writer for Adirondack Echoes and Plattsburgh Alive. Published in various magazines, journals and newspapers throughout the United States.
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Kathy Lockwood Anchorage, Alaska 
I have been writing personal essays and some momior writing. I am interested in the healing process through writing. I believe in journals and diarys to keep us healthy and sane. For me writing is the grounding force that keeps me moving ahead in my life.
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Alan Sorum  
I am highly involved in the promotion of boating safety and marine environmental protection. Currently I am Director of Ports and Harbors for the City of Valdez, Alaska operating facilities that accommodate hundreds of recreational, commercial and cargo vessels each year. Some of my relevant qual...
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Jackie Washbish Valdez, Alaska 
I am from the life of hard knocks and have taken my pains along with the prizes. I ran away very young and was a mother by the time I was 16. I am now 31 years old and have made it through the toughest of times and am starting a new carrer in writing
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TRAY POUND Pretoria, Alaska 
I am a Zimbabwean student in South Africa, studying Law and Humanities. I 've had an interst in literature, ever since I was introduced to the likes of D H Lawrence (Women in Love) and Charles Dickens. For some time now, i've been toying with the idea of intergrating genuine African experience, w...
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Mollie Grant  
I am a writer and I am working in the company United Agents. I have writing experience of ten years in thesis writing and I have written approximately more than hundred thesis papers. Now I am sure that I can write thesis based on any topic and I hope that I can meet your requirements. I am al...
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Edward Dorson ANNA, Alaska 
I am a student and loving to browsing web world.
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Diana Robbins Anchorage, Alaska photo
I am a middle-aged big mama & spiritual grandma with lots of savvy. I've been there, done that, and designed the T-shirt that says so. A youth of upheaval, neglect, abuse and abandonment by those I loved did not make me bitter. It made me compassionate and somehow gave me deep understanding o...
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Terye Stephens Anchorage, Alaska 
I am a long time Alaskan who has traveled within the US and to Canada and Japan. I have written Stories, Poems, and Articles for Newsletters. I have also written website text and ads for online businesses. I enjoy working creating story lines and background material for role playing games. Thi...
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Lisa Miller Anchorage, Alaska photo
I am a friendly Christian lady who is married to a wonderful man and we have three children.. We live in the beautiful state of Hawaii where the palm trees sway in the wind and the warm breezes caress your cheeks. I write inspirational poetry. I consider the world my audience. I feel led to h...
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