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Ron Kruger Marion, Kentucky 
I've probably had around 1,000 articles and columns published over the past 32 years, plus one book, A Higher Good. Most of those years were spent as a full-time free-lancer, but I did spend a few years as the editor of a high-quality magazine and a couple of years as a copy editor for a daily newsp...
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Tracy Ranson  
I've been writing romances off and on for the last seven years. It was only this past year I got really serious. My first novel, Bride of the Overlord, was picked up by Sirius Publications and published in May 2000. My second novel, The Black Knight of Kenworth, has been accepted ...
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Tim Girton Louisville, Kentucky 
I've been writing in some form for as long as I can remember. While developing and flexing various styles, I once fell into trouble by writing a research paper in an easy, breezy style. I was officially dressed down and privately enjoyed an A. From high school to college, I wrote sports and featu...
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Sam Stinson Bowling Green, Kentucky 
I'm twenty years old. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I write stories based in real world settings that I attempt to infuse with traditional and contemporary themes. I also enjoy reading and writing fantasy and science fiction work, and poetry on occasion.
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Peter Lloyd Newport, Kentucky 
I'm the ghostwriter of "Think Naked: Childlike brilliance in the rough adult world" and co-author with Steve Grossman of "Animal Crackers," the creative-problem-solving process for tough business problems. My first ghosted novel "The Lion's Way" is scheduled for release in January 2008. You'll fi...
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Brenda  Griffin Mount Washington , Kentucky photo
I'm the daughter of a politician and come from a large family. Continued in that mode by marrying and having five sons of my own. I learned at an early age, (8 years old) the overwhelming amount of work that came with having ten people in a three bedroom house. My jobs seemed never-ending,...
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Robert Lumpkins Ft. Knox, Kentucky 
I'm in the Army and I write in my spare time. I have a screenplay that I have been working on in the past year that I need help selling.
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Debra McComas Falmouth, Kentucky 
I'm Debra, I live in KY right now, and unfortunately do not know where I am going to college and graduation is four weeks away! My fiancee lives in NY and he cannot make it in for college due to certain circumstances and so I must move to NY if I would like to maintain our relationship. I'm having ...
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Allison Caldwell  
I'm currently looking for a agent, I write fanasty, with very some romance. I'm very relaxed and I guess you could call me a cafe writer! I'm very very, very, down to earth, I don't meet strangers and I Love Love, Love Life!
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Jenny Morehead Bowling Green, Kentucky 
I'm an Army brat who decided not to put her children through moving every time the wind changed so I've stayed put in one place in Kentucky for the past 14 years. I've watched my children grow up into healthy, relatively well adjusted college students. I've also been a teacher for the past 23 year...
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