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Sandra Mackley  
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Sandy Knauer Louisville, Kentucky 
Writing entertains, challenges, and heals me; publishing connects me to others. In return, I want what I publish to provide the same benefits to the readers. My stories are about people you might know. They incorporate social and political issues that you are familiar with, explored through h...
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Shockingly Aweful LaGrange, Kentucky 
When I was born, my mother told me I was calm and curious. I didn't cry, I just looked around. Well, that was the last day I was ever calm. But after thirty some years of being a manically overeager half-wit, I found booze. With the help of booze, I am now an almost mellow full-wit. I have just f...
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Nochipa D  
When I was a child, my father, the iliterate grandson of a Native American/Mexican sharecropper, said he saw a gift in me, the gift of storytelling. He asked me to hone this gift, to get an education and find a way to preserve the stories of his grandfathers. He told me that he hoped I would be a wr...
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Penny Davidson Louisville, Kentucky 
What does it do for you to be encouraged? When someone helps to turn your focus from "poverty to provision" or "defeat to victory?" My passion is encouragement through the "Good News" of the gospel of Jesus! I love to illustrate with words the life application of the bible through short devotiona...
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Wendi Friend Brownsville, Kentucky photo
Wendi Friend is a freelance writer with previous experience in editing and content management. Her works have appeared in traditional print magazines, multiple websites, newsletters, and anthologies. Wendi embraces diversity and writes for an eclectic following of readers. Whether she is producing ...
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Victor Knox Lexington, Kentucky 
Victor is a writer of adventure/fiction for 11-14 year olds. He is currently working on a fiction book about the Trail of Tears. Retired from education at age 52, he writes, and is now involved with a new publisher that has hired him as an editor for submissions. Visit his website at: Authorpa...
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Dana  McMahan Somerset, Kentucky 
Until her early 20's Dana never ventured outside the southeastern US (except for two years spent living in Oklahoma as a child when mortgage rates hit 20% and kept climbing, forcing her homebuilder dad to move the family out to the oil boom state). In fact, when she met her future husband (who was f...
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Joshua Caleb  
Unfortunatley, I have yet to publish any of my writing. I have just began writing recently and have yet to acquire an agent or publisher. I would, therefore, be willing to discuss enrolling an agent. I live in the gorgeous state of Kentucky and, on occasion, I do some nature photography in areas...
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Troy Jackson  
Troy K. Jackson is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and a cum laude graduate of the University of Louisville. He has had work published in several little magazines--many of whom are not currently publishing. While he his days are spent working with a computer, he has just begun exploring the world...
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