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Aaron Turner  
I'm a younger guy just about to graduate, I've been writing since the eighth grade and i've finally worked up the courage to actually have somebody critique my work. I think i'm atleast decent and would like to some constructive criticism and pointers on how to improve. I would also like to get publ...
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Jenna  Walker  
I'm a small town girl (LIVIN' IN A LONELY WORLD!) from Kansas who just wants to get her writing out and help others as well.
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Debra  Clemente Lawrence, Kansas 
I'm a passionate fine art painter and now spiritual writer awakening to a deeper sense of purpose and connectedness with the universe everyday. A constant stream of "Divine Love" inspirations are delivered unto my heart. They are more than knowings. They are more than words. They are complete and r...
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Benjamin Smith Lawrence, Kansas 
I'm a graduate of the Univeristy of Kansas. I hold degrees in English, Journalism, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Playwrighting.
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Katherine Wachs Coffeyville, Kansas 
I'm a 54 year old retired history instructor. My mind doesn't ever seem to sleep. I love watching my words create visions that can cause a gasp or a smile or laughter. Watching people is a pasttime. There is much to learn from people, their actions, sounds, voices, grammar or in some cases non usag...
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Susi Bocks Galva, Kansas 
I'm a 42 year old woman who thinks she can write. Not published, not represented... just feels the need to put on paper what is in her head. You judge for yourself.
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Angie Lynch Manhattan, Kansas 
I'm a 39 year old author of four published novels, mother of five crazy awesome kids who are 12, 13, 14, 15, and 18, pet parent to 3 dogs, five cats, 2 goats, 2 guineas, and a handful of chickens, and partner to one amazing, patient woman. We spend our life always looking for the next adventure with...
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Wes Parnell Wichita, Kansas 
I'm 32 and married with a terrific step daughter. I am a Regional Sales Manager for a large aerospace company in which I manage the sales and new business development for the Wichita, KS area including all (3) major GA manufacturers. I've spent my entire professional career of 10 years in the aerosp...
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Aaron White Kansas City, Kansas 
I'm 27 years old and currently a manager at a local Hooters here in the Kansas City area. I have two books published right now with publishamerica.com. The names of my books are Wizard's Blood and Slayers of Men and Beast. I've loved books and movies about wizards and dragons for a long time and ...
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Edward Kim Olathe, Kansas 
I'll get back to everyone on this
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