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Judy Schuler Easton, Kansas 
Judy is a graduate of Kansas State University. She writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. She also does freelance editing through her website, www.editsonline.com. She is a mother of four, grandmother of seven, and lives in rural Kansas with her husband of forty-plus years and two do...
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John Mulder Leawood, Kansas 
John B. Mulder, DVM, MS, MEd, is a veterinarian, research scientist, and retired university professor. He has studied the Bible in detail and taught adult Sunday school classes for many years. Dr. Mulder has been an invited guest speaker at numerous US and foreign conferences, published over 100 p...
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John McCall  
J. D. McCall grew up in Kansas during the time when Westerns were king on television and at the movies. Living in a state that was home to such places as Abilene, Dodge, Wichita, and many other of the wickedest cattle towns ever found in the West, the author was never far from Kansas lore, whi...
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Tom Mach Lawrence, Kansas 
Iíve got to be honest with you. Iím uncomfortable talking about myself since I prefer talking about others, especially historical figures, good or bad. I particularly enjoy taking myself back to the Civil War days. What Iím holding in my hand is a replica of a forage cap worn by Union infantry. ...
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Dodona Izakaitas Lenexa, Kansas 
It's interesting to have to sell yourself through a bio. Can someone ever really be sold or are they just bought by the times? I write about whatever is around me or as St. Augustine would say whatever is "within me."I don't even know if I can truly qualify as a writer, I like to think of my poetry ...
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Jennifer Parsons Olathe, Kansas 
In High School Jennifer Parsons started off by working for the school newspaper, but after just a few short months she decided there had to be something more to writing and she wanted to try her hand at the creative side. After feeling the draw to writing fiction she eventually dropped out of the re...
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Scott Lunsford  
If you've ever been to nowhere, then you've been to Minneola, Kansas, where I find myself finishing my first novel. I'm a wandering writer and editor, looking for no perfect place to work--since that place doesn't seem to exist--only a place to flop and an outlet in which to plug my laptop.
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Dan Torchia Overland Park, Kansas 
I've worked in printing and publishing my entire career, as a writer or editor. I'm currently a writer in corporate marketing for a software company. I've completed my first novel, "Deep Shaft," and am shopping it to agents. I'm going to start working on the next one after the first of the year. ...
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Kari Windholz Augusta, Kansas 
I've been writing since I was 8 yrs old. It's my one true passion in life and I'm just looking for someone who will give me the break I need to get into the publishing world. I write for enjoyment of myself and readers, not solely for money though it's been a dream of mine to be able to make a livin...
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Ray Dillon Salina, Kansas 
I'm an artist and writer in comic books. First novel being proofread. Working on second. I primarily write about children experiencing life-changing events.
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