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Cheryl Collinson  
I have currently finished a manuscript about effective communication between parents and teenagers. It is a short book. (less than 7,000 words) I really see no point of rambling on when a point can be made clearly and directly. I know I may have a hard time getting published for this reason but will...
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Vernon Chandler Abilene, Kansas 
I have been writing since i was about nine years of age. It was alot of work at first but then it got easier as i went along. now i am 45 and have had four books published under some one elses name because i trusted one of theses self publishing companies. well now i am on the road to finding a c...
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Scott Moon Wichita, Kansas 
I have been writing for twenty-five years, starting with fantasy and science fiction, but lately I have written three books that could be described as urban fantasy or police based fantasy-thrillers. Some of my favorite authors include Michael Moorcock, Tad Williams, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, Elm...
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Brianna Bowles El Dorado, Kansas 
I have been writing for quite some time now. I haven't gotten around to actually getting my work published. I'm looking to publish the current piece I'm working on. I specialize in Teen Fiction, mostly. I grew up in EL Dorado, Kansas.
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Kim D  photo
I have been writing and drawing for thirty years, I have written newsletters, Personal requests for poetry with decorative layout. Designed wedding invatations, I have sold art for twenty years, but I have loved writing equally. I have only in the last year, decided to change my approach and write f...
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Janet Blaylock Topeka, Kansas 
I have another site that is connected with Suite101. I write Suspense and Detective Fiction stories, book reviews, quizzes, and articles as a Contributing Editor. I'm also a Managing Editor for Literature and Writing, Copy Editor, News Columnist, and Community Manager for the Writing and Publishin...
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Larry Mitchell Lawrence, Kansas 
I have a soon to be published book coming out in July. The name of the book is "Potawatomi Tracks". This is a poetic chronicle of a year in Vietnam and the years that follow.
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Bob Rench Olathe, Kansas 
I grew up in Taiwan and Indonesia. Since I couldn't speak Chinese or Indonesian well enough to understand sermons, I would read the Bible during church. I especially love the stories of the Old Testament: it has quite a collection of scoundrels, murderers, thieves, and prostitutes ... and those ar...
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Malek Sha  
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Tamashii Eien  
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