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Marcia Lyon Chicago, Iowa 
I am an architect and a writer. My syndicated column, Creating Spaces, is represented by A M Universal Press. I have a full manuscript about what homeowners should know before diving into their own home remodeling project. It is not a Do It Yourself book, but information about how to view your ho...
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Anne Hastings Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
I am Abby-owned-and-operated! No question. She is my Lhasa Apso who allows me to live in her apartment as long as I keep the rent and treats coming on time. We two old gals get along pretty good, and she is always at my side as I sit in front of the keyboard. My hobby is writing romance novels, one...
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Janet Anderegg Guttenberg, Iowa 
I am a writer who lives in the country and milks dairy goats. I am married with five children. I spend between two and five hours each day writing. I am a member of several on-line writing groups where I am also an active reviewer. I am also a member of the River Writers Writing Group in North E...
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Sally Jurey  
I am a woman, and i have been writing poetry since i was 16 years old. I enjoy writing and i have even thought about writing a novel or publishing my own work with my photos.
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Melissa Judge  
I am a talented writer, searching for an agent to advocate my work. I largely write about the experiences of my life, particularly the trials and tribulations. The majority of my writing is non-fiction, however, I have fictionalized many incidents and accounts to stretch what would be one book into ...
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Kim Conlon  
I am a stay at home mom who writes. I would like to meet other writers
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J Linnz  
I am a simple person trying to make a go at the one thing in life I dearly love........ simple enough?
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Terry Cory Elkader, Iowa 
I am a professional engineer, specializing in telecommunications. I am a Stanford EE graduate, and a professional engineer with a high technology background. I am currently unpublished, but have three novels to sell. The first: The Grey Sable Confluence: Features a plan to revitalize the Soviet...
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Les Granger Woden, Iowa 
I am a political editorial writer who is a strong Democrat. I have fifteen years experience in teaching history and government at the high school level. I would like to write political editorials for newspapers and or magazines. I have been published in the Des Moines Register, the Mason City Glo...
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Sandra "Sam" Pinkerton Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
I am a nurse and writer. I have recently published a short story which is included in a collection of short stories about shoes. The title is "Lost Soles" and is available at amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles. I have traveled most of the United States, Canada, Germany, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Lebano...
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