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Elisabeth Kallsen Sioux City, Iowa 
I love reading, writing, and anything to do with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. They both got me started on writing my own novel. I am 13, and I have been working on this for about 3-3 1/2 years. Its not quite half-way there, only having 17,500 words. Its gettin there. It is a Sci/Fi Fantacy no...
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Jackie Wellman West Des Moines, Iowa 
I live in Iowa. Yes, Iowa. I reside with my husband, teenage son and two dogs. I had always had questions regarding faith, religion and spirituality. My questions led me to do research. That research turned into a book, Spiritual Clarity. Writing a book was not the original intention but I ...
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Elmer Reedy Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
I live in Cedar Rapids Iowa; Have been a soldier,electronics test tech, fry cook, sales representative, internet help desk, customer service in person and over the phone, janitor, assembler, and babysitter. I have written half a dozen poems and had one published in a book called "A Sea of Treasure...
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Sabrina Twain  
I just published my first romance novel through Amazon, Dean's Dilemma. I have many other ideas in the works.
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Vallarie Anderson Garrison, Iowa 
I have writen a book and working on my next. I am having trouble finding a publisher. or someone to buy it or how wever that works. I would like to be an author.. can any one help me get started. i have no money to start.
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Beth Ferree Panora, Iowa photo
I have worked as a professional writer for over twenty years. I began as a columnist for a weekly newspaper, then spent the next ten creating business documents of all types for various clients. I have ghost written numerous articles as well as a fantasy novel in the style of Tolkien. This novel wil...
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Ann Plooster Akron, Iowa 
I have not as of this writing been published, except for one poem I submitted to Poetry.com. I am presently writing my first novel and would enjoy relating to other writers. As I work daily, I find no stimulation in my surrounds for writing. Though I have always had a tremendous thrist for the arts...
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J Linnz Midwest, Iowa 
I have many interest, narrowing them down will prove to be an ever changing task, as my thoughts change with the seasons. For the most part, I would consider myself a naturalist at heart, somewhat of a recluse even. I prefer my solitary moments in life to reflect on my inner understandings of what...
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Amie Boudreau Woodward, Iowa 
I have been writing stories since I was old enough to write. My first 'books' were mini books I made my mom out of notebook paper and magazine clippings to illustrate my fantastical stories about princesses and heroines. As I grew into my teens I explored poetry and short stories, gaining some...
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Jeffrey Lee Lynnville, Iowa 
I have been a minister most of my adult life. I have experience writing daily for more than twenty-one years. Fictional writing is a new venture for me that I thoroughly enjoy. I have been able to develop my story telling skills engaged in my years of ministry. I have developed the reputation as ...
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