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Phyllis Uzelac Portage,, Indiana 
My name is Phyllis Uzelac. I am a registered nurse and author. I wrote a poem, Forever and ever. I love to write mystery/thrillers. I have a wonderful spooky book titled, Roaming Spirits. It has been published by Port Town Publishing and is available for your reading pleasure.
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Marina Powell  
MY NAME IS MARINA POWELL i AM 20 YEARS AND i am just out of high school I am married with two childen
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Mable Spurr  photo
My name is Mable Helen Spurr and I was born on Thursday, September 6, 1984. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana were I reside to this day.
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Jessica Jones Anderson, Indiana 
My name is Jessica Danielle Jones and i am nineteen years old and writing has always been something that has interested me from the day i started to learn how to read and write and will always stay in my heart forever.
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Jacob Fair Evansville, Indiana 
My name is Jacob Fair and i'm 18 and after a little thinging and some good writing i found out writing is for me so i came here.
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Charlotte Warren Macy, Indiana 
My name is Charlotte Anne Warren, I love to write. I have been writing since I was about 7 or 8 and I am almost 18 now. I love riding horses and training them, and I also have a facination with special needs children, whom I would love to teach. My goal in life is to become Torey Hayden, an accompli...
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Brandon Wallace West Lafayette, Indiana 
My name is Brandon Wallace. I am 25 years old and I have been writing since the age of three. I've never been published professionally. I consider myself mostly a fiction writer and a writer of poetry. I have also done amateur journalism, memoir and nonfiction writing, essays, reviews,and just about...
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Brad Price  
My name is Brad Price; I am the owner of abiblecommentary.com, a site that offers a wide variety of Bible commentaries. There is also a regularly updated Christian blog . Get free sermons, a free daily devotional, and other quality Christian material at
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Daphne Hughes Indianapolis, Indiana 
My mother has always said that it's a good thing I am so conscience driven to be an honest person since she stopped being able to tell the difference between my truth and real truth when I was seven. This used to bother me a bit, my mother thinking I was a liar, when she explained to me that it was ...
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Terry Sako Wheatfield, Indiana 
My first novel, a story of a young Marine in the Vietnam War, is due for release in March 2006. A short story I authored was included in a compilation printed in June 2005 via Spider Thief Publishing.
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