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Mandy Pauza Nampa, Idaho 
I'm a mom. It seems simplistic but it's the one thing I've done longer than anything else. My kids are bright, funny and avid readers. They encouraged me to upload my secret notebooks of stories as fanfiction before I really understood that's what I was writing. Now they hope to see me progress to s...
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Raviraj Joshi Bangalore, Idaho 
I work as Programmer / Designer in a reputed Multimedia firm in Bangalore. I've already held 2 painting exhibitions and have written over 200 poems in Hindi and would love write lyrics for Hindi feature films. I've written short film scipts of 2-5 mins, planning to write a play.
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Jeremy Mason  
I was born. I live. Soon i will die.
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Danielle Wilburn Nampa, Idaho 
I was born on Febuary 8th 1982 at seven am. My mother's name Valerie Nadeine Russell (Spicer). My fathers name Tony0 Anthony Wilburn. I grew up in Havelock North Carolina with my brother Steven and Kathleen. My parents split when I was really young probably about five both my parents were in the ...
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Robert Bradshaw Boise, Idaho 
I was born in Hollywood in 1942. After WWII my folks returned to their native Idaho, where I was reared in humble circumstances with my elder sister, Pat. I became an avid reader as soon as I learned to read, but I wasn't a particularly motivated student until I returned to college in my 30s. ...
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Jacob Taylor  
I was born and raised in Utah, but moved to Idaho when I was 16. My family consists of my parents, a sister who passed away this year, another sister, her husband, the twins she's expecting to come at the end of the year, and my deceased sister's daughter who is being raised by my parents. I gra...
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Mechelle Fogelsong-Wood  
I wake up every morning at 5 a.m., sit around in my Hello Kitty PJ's typing until one of my munchkins comes in and whimpers, "Mommy, where's our breakfast?" Then I stop typing for a moment, look at them with glazed eyes and reply, "Breakfast? Oh yeah!" At which point I stop being a storyteller and s...
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AJ Irving Boise, Idaho 
I spent my childhood in Boise, Idaho, catching grasshoppers and writing stories. My biggest dream in the whole world was to be a writer. My first published work, a poem about my mom, appeared in Writing Without Walls when I was in elementary school. My mom still has a framed copy of the poem in the ...
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Katherine Wasmund Boise, Idaho 
I no longer wish to be a ghost writer. I have not scaled Mount Everst. I have not hunted the African plains. Nor have I the desire to swim with the sharks. A limited existence but I'm accustomed to it. No more business books. No more years of feeding frenzy and mastication. No more Fortune magazine ...
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Sarah Garrison-Taylor Lewiston, Idaho 
I may only be a teen but I am a writer with big dreams for my work. I do not fan fiction or get ideas from other books but I try to make my stories 100% one of a kind. Using one of a kind characters. My favorite types of story I like to write about are magic and animals. In my current novel, I hav...
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