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Patrick Montgomery Malad, Idaho 
Once upon a time in the greatful dead parts of Southern Idaho, I met a sweet looking blonde whom had started a small free publication with just a smidge of editorial content in Gooding Idaho, called Monkey Bizzness. We dated and all, but then she decided that the lights of the big city were more her...
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Thayne Gallegos Heyburn, Idaho 
My name is Thayne Gallegos. I live in a small town of Heyburn, Idaho. I am married and a proud parent. I have been writing since I was a young kid. I have written dozens of poems, I have written two songs, and I am now working on my first book. I have many people who have inspired me to write throug...
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Michelle Slichter Grangeville, Idaho 
My name is Michelle Slichter, and I am a married mother of 2 little 'cherubs'!. Currently, we live in the small town of Grangeville, Idaho. But, I must point out, I am a British transplant. Growing up in the large city of Sheffield, England. I moved to Germany in 1991, as a nanny, later travellin...
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Michael Lamping  
My name is Michael Lamping and I am a retired, disabled American Vet. Being retired has given me the chance to put my imagination down in words. I had one work published by Publish America, called the Witch’s Garden. After I learned that they were little more than a vanity-publishing house, I asked ...
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Carolyn Morrison Mountain Home, Idaho 
My name is Carolyn. I have been writing stories/books ever since Elementary school. I am a 23 year old single mother to three kids. I write suspense/kidnapping stories mostly but am currently writing a book based on my life, about the hardships I had to overcome. I also love to write poetry compilat...
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Boyd London Fairfield, Idaho photo
MOVED BY THE HORRIBLE SEPTEMBER 11 TRAGEDY, JACK LONDON’S COUSIN WRITES The very talented and well-known author, Jack London, was Boyd’s distant cousin. Boyd Thomas London was born on November 6, 1974, in Beaver, Utah. Boyd’s dad, Roy London, has a B.S. degree in Forestry from the University of C...
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Brad Mathews Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Mathews' goals started in the mid nineties as a simple plan: to write books that people will enjoy. At the time, he was enrolled in Junior High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Many of his earlier works have dissapeared behind an endless and seamless shroud of dust over the years, and may never be di...
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M. M.  Plott Boise, Idaho 
M. M.Plott grew up in the 1960’s just like her Abby character in Northeast Ohio, with her dad and three older brothers. She now lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho with her husband. Her daughter Audrey M Plott maintains her author website, Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, Tumblr, and blog sites. She...
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Dale Laughlin Twin Falls, Idaho 
Living in Twin Falls, Idaho which is pretty much completely severed from anywhere that could give me a clear connection into the world of playwriting, but alas, I'm stuck here for now. I'm 28 years old and I work for an arthouse Theatre in Twin. I've written three stage plays, one of which won the R...
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Bradley Rae Boise, Idaho 
Life, trauma, joy, ambition,determination driven by a starkly poetic heart, which is understandable considering Creation is the work of a great mysterious poet! I am the prodigy of one who disowns me, yet demands my servitude. What nonsense is this, and yet I am still compelled to percieve witho...
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