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Scott Burke Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
Whoa, on the spot, man. I mean if I don't write something witty, intelligent and articulate immediately, I'll be seen as a farce to anyone who reads this. And yet, what if I write something amazingly wonderful, only to find out that no one of consequence actually reads these? Isn't that just the ...
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Sandra Davis New meadows, Idaho 
When I was very little I viewed the world in which I lived with fear and resignation. I knew that any sunshine and happiness in my life would have to come from within myself and my ability to find the tiniest amount of good from mundane instances. When I discovered how the illegible scribbles on pa...
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Ronald Schrader Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Well, I'm not yet a published author as I don't quite have a finished work to publish just yet. I am currently working on a piece that will help me teach my children (and hopefully others if I'm able to publish it) how to avoid debt. As one who has experienced my own debt challenges and having also ...
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Amy Beagley Caldwell, Idaho 
Well, first of all, I'm a newbie to all of this! I'm only 17 years old and my experience is a little limited right at the moment, but that's why I'm here! My whole life I've enjoyed writing and making up stories but I never felt like I had enough motivation or talent to follow through with my dream....
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Gardie  Osburn, Idaho 
weekly newspaper column;submitting freelance material
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Jeff. and Kim Norris Boise, Idaho 
We are a happily married Christian couple, who make our home in Boise, Id. I am a childhood abuse survivor. Part of our proceeds from our book will go to help abused children.
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Lorna Thomas  
Unpublished author. Have written for the past 6 months for an on-line writing site. Successful business owner.
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Two books currently available on amazon and createspace.com.
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Erika Price  
too much to write here
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Sandra Rivers New Meadows, Idaho 
This writer lives in the pristine mountains of Idaho. Putting words to paper weaving tales of hope and man kind has been a talent of hers since the third grade. You will find that only a few poems of hers have been published, but she hopes to break into the field with a vengence as two new novels ...
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