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Lea Clark-Salaam ATlanta, Georgia 
Writer * Editor * Content Developer Goal-oriented, writer and public speaker with 20+ years combined experience in multi-tasking environments. Possess the motivation to follow projects through to completion and understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Enjoy working projects and research ...
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Patrick Queen Jonesboro, Georgia 
working on second book and small business consist of studies from high school, I'm very active in my church & higher education
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Bernice Angoh  
Winner of the Editor’s choice award in the years; 2003, 2005 and 2007 from the International library of poetry, her poems have been published in several anthologies leading to numerous nominations for the prestigious ‘Poet of the Year’. Her articles grace the pages of the renowned BHF Magazine, wher...
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Feliz Piez Enigma, Georgia photo
Who is Feliz Piez? Or perhaps, who was Feliz Piez because we don’t know his fate. We don’t know if he is alive or dead and, if he is dead, the nature of his deadness. There are three natures of deadness. The first deadness is the deadness of earth and worms and people peering over the pre...
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Charles Saadiq Atlanta, Georgia 
While being born and raised in the Great City of Detroit, I was fortunate to learn to appreciate fine arts at an early age. Living in 'Motown' simply meant that I was going to be surrounded by music at all times. While attending Cass Technical High, I began to embrace all forms of art on a mature ...
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Adam Russell Rossville, Georgia 
When Madonna was asked what she wanted to do with her life she said she wanted to conquer the world. Now I wouldn't have the world for all the money in it, but I've learned one thing from the Material Girl. If you have something to say, you need to say it, and in order to say it you have to have p...
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David Shain Decatur, Georgia 
What if... your fiction reading really happened? your book evolved in real life as you discovered and read the work? you could become part of the book and the events within it as a reader? you could change the world and watch the future unfold, join it, make it happen? What if your fiction beca...
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Alissa Dorough Covington, Georgia 
What can I say? I love writing! I have been writing longer than I can remember, and enjoy every minute of it. In high school, I won county level and went on to state for one of my poems. In addition to that, I had several pieces, including a mixture of poetry and short stories, published in our ...
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Jason Wright  
wet dry vacuums
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Wesley Hightower Augusta, Georgia 
Wesley Andrew Hightower was born in Sheffield, Alabama. He has lived in various locales in his 30 years. He has managed to survive various stupidities through shear luck. His poetry has been published in several anthologies and gay comic books. It could not be said that he is serious or really humor...
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