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Toya Perkins Birmingham, Alabama 
I've been writing since I was 12 years old and I try to do all kinds of genres. Right now, I'm working on a vampire novel.
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Krystal Dailey Ashville, Alabama 
I've been writing all my life, and couldn't imagine doing anything else. My poetry has been published, and I hope to find an agent to get my writing career going. I am married, with three step kids, and two Siberian Huskies.
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Joshua Keshmiri  
I've always known that I've had a knack for writing. As a young child of thirteen, I wrote a short story known as "The Blind Men" for school. It was only supposed to be four pages long, but turned out to be well over sixteen pages. The day I turned it in to my teacher she looked up at me and aske...
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Janet Morris Huntsville, Alabama 
I'm just a college student, but I have been writing since I was barely out of diapers. My parents have always said that my imagination was greater than any child in my age group, which has always caused me to think of silly things or crazy questions. I don't always accept things at face value. I ...
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Whitney Gallien Hedges Huntsville, Alabama photo
I'm currently working on a nonfiction pop-culture book about Liz Phair's album "Exile in Guyville" and its correlation to the Rolling Stones' album "Exile on Main Street." I have a fairly good bit of it done, but need to "flesh it out" more. I'm planning to put together a proposal soon and start sen...
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Sheila Wilkinson Mobile, Alabama 
I'm a student, enrolled in Adult Studies, who will begin a Master's in English next year, majroing in Creative Writing. I'm 48, divorced, bright, spiritual, creative and happy - most all of the time. I love people and appreciate the wonderful friends I have but I also value time alone. I live with a...
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Leslie Johnson  
I'm a stay at home mom and aspiring novelist. I teach mathematics online from my home for Kaplan University. Yes, I know, a math geek who wants to be a published novelist? Go figure. I have two little girls, ages 1 and 4, that constantly amaze me, and a terrific husband that let me quit my well payi...
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Joyce Scarbrough Mobile, AL, Alabama photo
I'm a Southern woman weary of seeing myself and my peers portrayed in books and movies as post-antebellum debutantes or slack-jawed rednecks. This is why my heroines are all smart, unpretentious women who refuse to be anyone but themselves. My two books with Authors Ink Books are True Blue Forever a...
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Bill Boynton Montgomery, Alabama 
I'm a Philadelphia native and am presently finishing up my first novel. I do have published articles, however this is my first outing as an author of a novel. The story deals in the horror genre, with a mixture of mystery.
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Fuller Davenport  
I'm a normal young guy with a touch more spunk on life than most people posses. I enjoy reading war and spy novels, yet some of my favorites are The Prince and The Art of War. Tom Clancy is my favorite writer and I my ambition is to one day be in his spot because the world is my playground :).
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