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Sharra Moller

HCR3 Box 61
Alturas, California, United States


I am a newly unemployed special education teacher. Prior to ten years of teacher my
background was in behavior, psychology, and running my own businesses in both
landscape and real estate.

My new unemployed status has peaked my interest in writing. I have about 100 pages of
my autobiography completed, plus one primary child's book. Lately though I have been
writing for my son.

Kevin has paranoid-type schizophrenia, and like most people with this disease, he has
strange and colorful dreams. Some of his dreams take two hours to tell, and sound like
a full-length movie! They all seem to have a plot. There is a great variety, but most are
far out. He says that the two below, especially the second was scary to dream.

I recently watched the academy award winning movie The Beautiful Mind, and decided
the time/climate might be right for Kev to sell his dreams. Before Kevin got sick, he had
been chosen in Junior High to brain storm with certain adult energy experts visiting his
school on new forms of energy.

Two days ago I started to type his dreams into the computer as he relates them to me.
Do they sound like something that can be sold -- Maybe in a collection? We appreciate
any advice you can give us. Sharra and Kevin

8/14/02. Stranded on an Asteroid:
My name is Kevin, and I am stranded on an asteroid with another guy. Quite worried I
ask, "Ray, How are we going to get off this asteroid?" He said," I will call on the spirit of
the galaxy." Disappointed I said, "Oh, you don't believe in that do you?" "Oh yeah!" Then,
he put his hands up and called on the spirit of the galaxy with sounds like the wind, and
the spirit answers, "I will save you." The spirit rises like a transparent ring. He has
power over the whole galaxy and he turns the galaxy in a slow circle for us to view. Then,
the asteroid closes up around us, and moves off. It took us home.

8/15/02 Life stealers.
This man and woman are traveling and they stopped for dinner, which is also a bed and
breakfast. They check in, and sign, "Mr. and Mrs. Roby. The couple seemed suspicious
of the proprietors. Mr. Roby asked, "Who else is here?" "Our grandfather and Uncle
Steve are in the back," a young man answers. Mrs. Roby gets up and walks around
looking the place over, and a lady at the house leads her to a room, saying, "You will
enjoy this room."

As she entered she sees two skeleton-like figures with only a little flesh. They are
pacing back and forth until they see her. One approaches, reaches out with a finger, and
touches her. Mrs. Roby immediately turns into liquid gel on the ground. The other
skeleton-type said, "Since you touched her, at least let me have her biorhythms." The
liquid started to steam and her flesh began to evaporate up and onto the first
skeleton-type guy. This was Uncle Steve. The other was Grandfather.

After Steve had most of her life fluids. He began to look like an evil sinister character. He
then went into the main room to talk to Mr. Roby. He explained what they were going to
do to him, and that they just did the same to his wife. Mr. Roby noticed that they were
circled around him and said, "Well, if you are going to do it you may as well do it freely."

Grandfather and Steve looked shocked, and happy, because a person that is willing to
give freely can give them all kinds of stuff before they liquefy him and take the rest. So
they ask him to enter a small side room, which he did with an odd smile. They unhinged
a tall barrel and opened it in half. Grandfather waved for Mr. Roby to enter. He did. They
closed it and began hooking him up. While Mr. Roby was hooked up he looked like he
was suffering, and the veins on his head began to change and enlarge, but through it all,
he had this "I've gotcha look." Grandfather and Steve were reaching in with bare arms
that now had skin, and collecting bits of DNA, electromagnetic energy, and many other

While they were stealing his forces his arrogant look turned to a snicker, and then to a
laugh. This must have annoyed them somewhat, because they said, "Since you are
giving freely you will suffer a lot before you die." He was still being hooked up to
additional machines, but he seemed impervious to them. "This guy has a lot of life force
and variety in him," Grandfather said. "We will be draining him for awhile." Then, Mr.
Roby started to speak in a low, pleasant, and confident voice:

"I am a biological living organism created in a laboratory by Chem Tech." Without
moving, and without expression, Steve and Grandfather looked at each other, and then at
Mr. Roby. "I am assigned to track down life stealers, and there is a repercussion to
steeling MY life." Now they have become amazed and ask each other, "Can this be
true?" Mr. Roby continued, "The more you take from me the more I can take back from
you. I think you have taken enough.

He slowly contorts his body and all the forces start to return to him. "As long as life
stealers drain humans they can live indefinitely as you know, but Chem Tech has now
created us as biotech assassins. I am a human clone designed to kill life stealers by
giving my life freely and then taking it back. This is the only way to end your existence."

By "us," he meant him and his wife. Mrs. Roby turned out to be a bio tech assassin as
well. They walked out of the place restored and all the others disappeared without a

Interests: Architectural Design, River Walking, Animals, Children, Schizophrenia, Special Education, New college classes, Medicine, Dyslexia, Computers, and Writing.

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Published works:


  • Pictorial Dictionary of Sign Language