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Devdas Kusum Mumbai - 400074 photo
Were REKHA & RAKESH ROSHAN mere puppets in the hands of DESTINY ? -- Devdas " Kusum " -------------------------------- 25 th March 1981 a real life incident at the shooting of " MADHURI " the FILM. -------------------------------- A Reaction of a Journalist friend..... Compelling a renowned...
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Sandhya Cherian  
Well, though i am 35 years old, i don't have any clue what exactly am I. But one thing iam sure, Iam a dreamer!I write short stories in my mother tongue, MalayalaM(Read it reverse, its the same!)which is considered as the most difficult language for ur tongue! I write features in English and Malayal...
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Lakshmi Narasimman Madurai 
Well, I am voracious reader of all books of all genres. I love to read rather to write. I am a budding reviewer. I am also working for a website connecting authors & reviewers/review sites. Think, this will do for now. Lakshmi Narasimman
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Rahul Roushan New Delhi 
Well, I am a TV Journalist and a wanna-be writer. Sometimes I feel I took up a career in Journalism in haste. I was more interested in literature and music. But as they say, Journalism is literature-in-haste, So I made a haste and ended up being a Journalist. But I don't want to lose the writer in ...
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Rishabh Sood Shimla 
Well! What a web we weave? I am from a small historical town called Shimla which owes its hertiage mainly to the British who treated the hill-station as a summer residence for ruling one fourth of the world during their golden years. After i completed my Post Graduation in business managemen...
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Simpson Edward Mumbai 
well to start with i was very much interested in writing short scripts and plays for my college and also paticipated in inter college festivals. i found that i wrote well and good . i have also written a couple of film scripts. my name is simpson edward and residing in mumbai the heart of films. and...
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Kuntal KUMAR Tehri Garhwal 
Well I will always remember the words " When was the last time you did something for the first time", so this is the first time i am joining a writer's forum. I am a budding chef who is fortunate to have wotked with some of the best Chefs of their field. My tryst with Devonshire motivated me to t...
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Salil Dhawan Ludhiana 
Well i am an I.T Engineer.But writing is my passion and i love it.
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Preeti Rawal Gurgaon 
well i am a very complex kind of person sometimes the people around me are puzzled by my ideas and notions i like to be with people but i mingle only upto a certain level i am close only to those whom i trust and love dearly and dont keep any reservations from those who i love i am very demanding an...
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Vikas Kumar  
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