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Arpita Ghosh New Bombay 
Writing is something i enjoy, a medium where i can express feelings and emotions through words. Started writing poems quite early in life then moved on to making a career of it. HAve written for all the mediums - advertising, corprate and ad films, radio. Have written poems and short stories and...
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Jaacob Thomas  
Writing is my avocation . One that I am working at to hone my craft .Thus far ,pieces that I've written have featured in very discerning literary websites such as virtualwriter.net, thestarlitecafe.com and lit.org among some others.
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Murugesan Paramasivam  
writing in Tamil and English for 50 years and publishing books for 25 years in Tamil and English with an established background of a familiar writership. Served as an English teacher on Higher secondary schools
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H Phomrong Maring  photo
Writing has been my enthusiasm in the guise of plucking Apollo's Laurel Bower. I am interested in eking out the secrets of the various indigenous tribes and give the world a never-ceasing sumptuous meal of reading with thrill and exotica. Attempts will also be made to excite the reading audience...
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Hema Guha New Delhi 
writing comes to me naturally. I don\'t have to make an effort to write a piece.so far never thought of making a profession out of it.Whenever I wrote and send it for publication,it was always accepted.But now I would like to seriously indulge in writing.Can write fluently on many subjects, es...
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Menaal Shah  
Writing accurately, briefly and correctly describes me. I work in the media industry and have five years of gathering information, researching reports, analyzing the research and writing in a continuous flow so that the reader can understand it. I believe in writing in simple English so that I can c...
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Ib elite Tutor Delhi 
Writing about yourself is one of the most difficult works.But if it's necessary I will describe as an achiever, both in academics, professional life and in sports or any other field in my life. I have achieved success through hard work & dedication. My motto in life is to ‘If you work hard to get ...
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Steve Anderson Delhi 
writers / published

Subhankar Das Kolkata 
Writer,Producer,Publisher of Bangla experimental stuff.Produced 6 short films with more than 16 international film festival fame and appreciation.Has 16 published books of Bangla poetry.Translator Of Allen Ginsberg's poems in Bangla.
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Ranjit Hiranandani Mumbai 
Writer, photojournalist, editor, fine art photographer, digital artist, specialising in corporate wall art at very competitive rates, product designer....since 30 years
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