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Tom Jones Hyderabad photo
Tom Jones Yenigalla H.No. 1-6-23, Musheerabad, Hyderabad, HYDERABAD 500 048. INDIA. ytomjones0@lycos.com; ytj476@yahoo.com; tomy@intelligroup.com I am a full-time content writer at Intelligroup. Im a technology savvy Content Writer. I am well-acquainted with Windows-based applications such...
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Mitushi Banerjee Nagpur 
To come soon.....
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Pallavi Bhattacharya Mumbai 
Throughout my academic years, right from the time I was a child in school diligently listening to every word of my teacher to the last bench student in the last year of college doodling away in guise of copying monotonous notes simply waiting to be saved by the bell; I had found myself to be quite a...
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Gita Canpadee Chennai 
Though a graduate of Bioscience, Literature has been my alltime passion.Wrote my first novel "Mystery of the Mysterious cave" when in highschool which went on to win an award a couple of years later.This children's fiction was followed by "The Amulet mystery" published by writer's workshop. Afte...
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Sandeep Goswami New delhi, Indiana 
this world is the game of words every thing u have to express u can explain every thing through words like if u want to express ur love u can say I LOVE U. like more i can write about actually i am sitting at cyber cafe there is very much noisy here. i will write u again.
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Kashif Ali Bangalore 
this is quite huge, so lets not describe. but, will say that i\'m like an open book;knowing me well and well and getting closer will allow you to reveal all that i\'m
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AshfaQ  Sk  
Thinking ...thinking ...thinking...!!
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Aandis Raj nigam  
they said i can't have logistics..... so i started thinking without logics and that's what writing is for me.....
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Vin Varma Bangalore 
there's a certain stylistic pattern to most indian writing in english that i always found mildly irritating. i'm not usually one to make these wide sweeping generalizations (i'm lying through my teeth), but, hell, just take one glazed look at most popular fiction hereabouts and you'll see what i dam...
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Shivam Pandya  
There isnt much to be written in this space as yet.. I am working on my first novel. Being an overworked medical student doesn't help the matters either, nor does an absence of a mentor. For those who want to read my stories, please visit my blog www.creationsofanamatuer.blogspot.com and www.differe...
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