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Mark Grant Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt 
I've just turned 40. I thought I'd have a mid-life crisis, but I didn't. I woke up and it was just another day. I'm a soldier by trade, have been for the past 20 years, 17 of these years are active duty Army. I'm a Major, a pilot, a maintenance test pilot, and a logistician by training and my...
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Janet . . .  photo
I'm open to new experiences in romance and adventure. I love photography done from these angles.
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Hen Hermanns Düsseldorf 
I'm a scriptwriter (more than 20 produced Scripts for german tv) and crime-novelist (4 published novels so far).
writers / published

David Hofmann  
I wrote Screenplays, Short Stories and Autobiographic Storys
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James Michael DuPont  
I write many software snippets and help posts, I have written small posts and blogs and videos on the internet.
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Julia Schneider Dresden 
I was born... and I've lived. I think I could state to wake up everyday breathing.
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Ken Sloan  photo
I was born in rural North Texas at the end of World War II, the first son of an American soldier returning from the Pacific Theater and his childhood sweetheart. My early years were spent roaming the mountains and beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, stuffing my pockets with wet mysteries and learning to speak...
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Tom Stanger Cologne 
I was born in Lincoln, England, on the last day of the '60s. Brought up in the countryside, I soon developed a keen interest in nature, reading, writing and home made explosives. After dropping out of University (when I realised I attended so infrequently that I'd forgotten where it was) I took to...
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Daniela Knopf Guetersloh 
I was born in Germany, went to the USA for a year after graduating from school. I studied English literature and language at the Brunswick Technical University in Germany. I've spent a year in New Zealand after graduation as Master of Arts from uni. I am presently working as the assistant complex ma...
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Claire Kaiser  photo
I was born in America and have been living in Germany for the last 11 years. I have a husband and two wonderful children. I can speak 6 different languages, but can not spell worth a damm in any of them. I can taste colours and see music. Tell me does that make me crazy? I decided to join this...
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