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Pierre Leveque  
Born in 1982 in New Delhi, India to hippie parents. Spent youth living in a variety of communes throughout Asia and South America and later on Europe.
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Fidelma Cox  
Born 1958 in Coventry, England. Grew up surrounded by bombed buildings and reconstruction. Only child, both parents still together. Married over 20 years, no children. Three dogs. Got new television for Christmas. Another excuse not to start/finish current project. Rebuilding/renovating current hous...
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Laetitia MOREAU  
Bonjour, je suis laetitia, blogueuse à mes heures perdues depuis maintenant 2 ans, je partage avec vous mes coups de coeur mode & beauté - mais aussi mes envies déco, cuisine, sport et voyage :) N'hésitez pas à me laisser un petit commentaire lors de votre visite.
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J.Leslie Baker  
Avid reader, doctorate in French literature, 15 years teaching language, culture and lit, followed by a professional re-orientation in literary translation.
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Gilles Fourquet Paris 
Author of the following feature films The endearing boy The Bermudian's curse The oblivions Double act The intimate approache
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V. Karcz Versailles photo
As an Asian lady, I've always felt there was never enough books about how Asian women feel and what they go through. The only time an Asian woman could be free to write and express herself is when she's been able to establish herself in either the States or the U.K., and oftentimes, these lady...
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Anna MANCINI holds a Ph.D. in philosophy of law and degrees in translation from the University of Paris (Assas). She also studied philosophy of mind at the University of London, UK. She taught at the university level in France. She is the founder of InnovativeYou, a Paris-based organiza...
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Carmen Rauline Mulhouse 
Am a first time writer. Just began last year and have a finished work, an adventure in French, one of my second languages. Thing is that I felt all clumsy and not up to scratch with the work in French...too Australian sounding or something. This led to several concerted efforts at polishing it up wi...
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Jj Lazaro Paris 
Although I'm interested in many subjects, I have only published articles in experimental pharmacology. I now spend more time writing general-interest, non-fictional articles which I intend to publish soon. Fiction I do for fun, as with editing a newsletter. I write mostly in english. Until now, w...
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Gareth Willis Paris 
Although English I have somehow found myself living in Paris for the past two years, and you will not hear me complaining. After working in marketing for many years I finally escaped the confines of the office by making my expertise and writing skills available on a commercial basis. I write sales...
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