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M'rs.cristy Krossa Abidjan, Kansas 
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Will Sultan  
Sir, Adebayo Shamsudeen (born feb. 02, 1983) is a Black mathematical physicist, a nigerian in deed. He is highly regarded for his work in Pure mathematics, in particular his contributions to Sham-Log. He is also a recreational mathematician and controversial philosopher as well as a pure (friction a...
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Adhitya Mulya Abidjan 
Indonesian, 26 yrs-old, in November 2003, published a debut comedy novel 'Jomblo' in Indonesia, also work for a shipping company, currently being assigned in Cote d'Ivoire (yes people....western Africa, that's it right there). The book was on sale the same day I was accepted to go abroad so littl...
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Kingsley Kobo Abidjan 
I'm Kingsley OhwoevwruKOBO, son of the Nigerian writer Alfred O. Vhovhen. I started my career as a scriptwriter while pursuing a university degree in the Sciences way back in the late '90s. I've attempted diverse genre and I'm now settled with fiction and non-fiction writing. As a freelance Hard Ne...
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Jennifer Adams Abidjan 
FROM :Ms Jennifer ADAMS email: Dear Friend, It is my pleasure to write you after much consideration, I am the only Daughter of my father late Mr. Adams and I am 19 years old.Ms Jennifer ADAMS
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Gloria Robert Abidjan 
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Dian Dahari Abidjan, Arizona 
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