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Toby Pomeroy London 
Will update this
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Chris Chamberlain Peterborough 
Will brag when I've got something to brag about!
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Sarah Ruff Devon 
why is this machine asking me who my publisher might be it makes me feel in adequate like a little flee and i thought if i would join your club sombody then might publish my extensive works coz i know that i can write i have writin a good play i say its really full of dirt and three books ...
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Manroop Takhar London 
Whiteboard Animation Agency is renowned across the UK and abroad as a leading producer of whiteboard videos for companies in any industry. Click this link to learn more about our studio and how a custom-made whiteboard web video can make your brand stand out, increase conversions and bring in more s...
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Nayesh Radia Middlesex 
While working as an actor, I was always involved in working with young people, running Drama workshops and developing plays as part of Youth Theatre festivals. This inspired to write and develop skills in other aspects of Television and Media. I have had several Writing credits from 1990 to 1996/...
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Melinda Knowles Chesterfield photo
While I am currently an unpublished writer, I have a degree with high honours from Texas A&M University -- Commerce in history, and I have written "Two Men of Conscience: Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More", which is available in that university's library. It is my goal to complete my manuscript, wh...
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Mike Scanes Okehampton 
Where to begin. Over the years I have written published non-fiction and fiction short stories for radio which were broadcast. Presently I am working on a comedy thriller and will soon be seeking an agent
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Liz Wainwright  
When people ask me where it all comes from, this writing, I tell them I have this special software - it's called 'my imagination'. There's reality and experience in the background though; for example, when I was young we lived in a run-down pub not unlike The Black Bull. I first started writing w...
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Icy Sedgwick London photo
When people ask me when I started writing, I never know what to say. I've written for as long as I can remember, from short tales scrawled with wax crayons to longer work bashed out on my mother's old typewriter to full-blown short stories submitted to a creative writing nightclass. It's just always...
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Jonathan Hopkins  photo
When my father died, one of the things he left me was a box of Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Sharpe’ novels. I’d watched the TV series, of course, but never read any of the books. And much to my surprise, not being a history buff, I enjoyed them. But one thing grated. Sharpe was very critical of his Britis...
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