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Christopher Jones Neath 
They say a picture paints a thousand words, but hardly my ugly face. A typical teenage face, all I deserve for only spending 15 years on this planet. I find writing a relief from the stress that the modern world consumes on everyone and so for the past 6 months I have consumed myself with the start ...
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Peter  Dexter Stockwell 
They are trying to ban fairy tales. I am trying to save them but it is looking a bit Grimm.
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Essay Help  Deal Lincolnshire 
These days each understudy needs to handover blunder free exposition all the time to their educators. The purpose for this is the aptitudes and information that understudies need to create keeping in mind the end goal to contend and get by in this world.
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Thérésa Poole Guildford 
Thérésa is an award winning writer of plays and film, specialising in strong roles for women. Her scripts range from observational comedy to powerful drama, using naturalistic dialogue. She has also written children's books and pantomimes, which include her original music.
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Chris Cox Doncaster 
There's not a great deal to say here! (Although looking back, I haven't done bad!) I play guitar, and at the beginning I formed a dark, macabre death metal band, and we got signed upon the strength of our first demo tape. I went on to write and record the debut album, and then I left to pursue ...
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Jon Mallek  
There are times in any- and everybody's life when a small event can have a huge effect. A catalyst becomes a transition and leads to a transformation. I was teaching sculpture, installation art and 3-D graphics at a leading art college in the UK. The universe had other plans. It presented me with...
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Jo Bennet Manchester 
The work I criticise the harshest is my own, and I'm blunt in my feedback. Other than that: I'm a "purist" writer, and I edit too much.
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Mike Vertannes Swindon 
The stories I have told people over the years about events whech happened in the British Army between the age of 15 and 25 have always caused much interest and on many occassions laughter. This is a story not unlike "Educating Rita" but is set in a time of military tension and growing up. The educ...
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Chloe Aitken Fife 
The reason I chose to write poetry is to ecsaped the hard truths of life. It's something I can do, so I do it. My Poems are based on real life happenings or things that surround or interest me.
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Persephone Hallow Sheffield 
The novel I am currently writing has a main theme of obsession, and how emotions that are usually conisdered pure or wholesome (such as love) can sometimes be warped and manipulated, causing horrendous situations.A complex, twisting plot surrounds the idea. I hope to have the book finished in one ye...
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