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Joyce Bert Leeds 
This is the first time I have written a book. The Story line is based in Kenya and it is more of a Romance novel. I chose Kenya because it is beautiful regardless of what we see on our T.V's. The culture is rich and exciting and the people are very hospitable. I would love to see it publishe...
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Imogen Keen  
This is the first book I've ever written and really I would just like some feedback on how I could improve and whether anyone actually likes what I have written! Thanks for taking a read.
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Megan  Martin Marylebone, Georgia photo
This is Megan Martin from England, UK and She loves writing, reading and teaching.
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Eileen Brookes Leicester 
This is me: Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes good and sometimes bad! I'm not so bad that I don't care about other people and try to help if I possibly can. I am a little unsure of myself at times, yet can put other people onto the right path. I've had many ups and downs but the greatest ...
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Maya Richards  
This is Maya Richards from United Kingdom. I am a professional Essay writer and i work for Ready Essay.
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Colin Aylward Dagenham 
this is a true story of what has happend to me, it exposes BBC corruption and all writers everywhere should know about my story! it concerns the BBC stealing new writers work, well known celebrities benefitting off the back off new aspiring writers. i have proof mal young head of bbc drama bla...
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Sean Hervey Gloucester 
This is a snippet from my first novel, if you want to read more then im afraid you are going to have to publish me :0) Its dark and not a nice subject but hopefully it allows you to feel her pain and feelings. Contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. He slowly pushed back the door and...
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This book is written with health in mind. All the recipes are being placed in this book to help promote healthy eating. At times it may seems difficult to prepare healthy meals, without realising just how simple and easy it can be to throw a few healthy ingredients into our shopping baskets, and t...
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Tamanna Mariom  
This account was made by both Tamanna Mariom and Tasnima Odud. It was when we were reading twilight:new moon and gushing over Edward Cullen when we had a sudden brain wave. Why didnt we write our own stories? So we started brainstorming ideas and we loved every minute of it. Every time we got a new ...
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David Maxfield Dunbar 
Thirty something with a passion for fun and passing on experiences. My work as a water engineer in the UK and abroad has involved a lot of writing, from technical reports, papers, presentations, manuals to marketing literature. This experience has given me the assistance to kick start my preferred...
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