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Layla Haroon  
Layla haroon - 20 years old; from Pakistan - Muslim. A published writer, certified by the Writers Bureau College of Journalism. Writing gave me my life. i am nothing without writing! i didn't study much due to some personal reasons, but had in blood an urge to be something and to do something. and f...
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Jim Pearl Dubai photo
Jim Pearl & Crony Indian are the pseudonyms of poet Jimmy Chacko. Jimís poems and romantic pop hits are the most valuable gift from God. Jim is the member of many International poetry societies and associations, and also secured many honors for the talents in Literature and other extra curricular ac...
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James Lewelling Abu Dhabi 
James Lewelling Bio My work has appeared in Proliferations, Black Ice, The Cream City Review, Doppelganger, The Stranger, Sniper Logic, Friendly (http://atfriendly.net) and elsewhere. I’ve been writing fiction since 1988. I have written two unpublished novels and am working on my third. I h...
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Sriram Sharma Dubai photo
Iíve been a technical writer, features writer, reviewer, gamer and E/N writer for a number of IT publications, magazines, and websites. I'm not going to drop any names, too many to list. I'm an expat in Dubai now, working as a Lab rat and staff writer. I want to write for wired magazine....
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Ahmed Al Suwaidi Ajman 
I\'ve been writing as a personal interest since I was 15, I\'ve written many poems, articles, reviews, screenplays, and currently working on my novel. I would love to start writing professionally and hoping to find a few freelance jobs in which my skills would be tested.
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Hanna Farha Dubai 
Industries and clients worked for: Projects I can do for you: Arabic translation My strengths: My achievements: Memberships & awards:
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Shahbazz Anwerr Dubai~/ Houston Texas( currently based) 
In just 18 years of age ,he had written full fleged scripts titled, "Deewangiyaan", "Mera Pyarr" (MY LOVE) and " IDIOT~ I DO ISHQ ONLY TUMSE".( I HAVE ONLY BEEN IN LOVE WITH YOU". All these stories have a color of culture and great storylines. Though the titles might be intrestingly in Urdu, Shahbaz...
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Ganjamj . Dubai 
If you enjoy writing, reading or would like to start doing either, Join "Writer's Block" Club! Our writing club is dedicated to amateur writers based in the United Arab Emirates. We are group of creative people that are enthusiastic about writing and reading. We'll share our work, experience, pos...
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Nelina Joy De Villena Dubai 
I'm an office administrator who hopes to be published as a writer of romantic fiction. While on this journey, I sometimes moonlight as a singer for a band, a home baker or photographer.
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Shar Matingka Dubai 
I'm an aspiring writer and poet. I've written numerous poems two of which are posted on www.poetry.com under Shar Matingka. I'm more into creative writing than technical. Do I have to be metaphorical in describing myself to get your attention? Well, if you like a piece of my metaphor, I'm somewhere ...
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