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Esbeht Callender-Braithwaite  
You can do almost anything to me, but you can't say almost anything to me.words affect me deeply, I hold them as if tangible, I squeeze them as if tangerines, they becomes invisible balls of tantrum I throw from time to time. I morph into a type of literary device ranger and string sentences togeth...
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Cherelle Sambrano  
My name is Cherelle Sambrano, I am a Trinidadian of mixed decent. I was born on the 29th of December alongside my twin sister . I started writing two years ago,I found writing to be fun and interesting.When i first started i would write about all the encounters that I've faced in my life from...
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Dexter Thomas Chaguanas 
I'm from Trinidad and have always been influenced by Caribbean writers, I think Deryk Walcott most notably, but when I read TS Elliott, he was something else, I'm thirty years old and married with two children, actually although I have a full time job I have never stopped writing and never given up...
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Desborne O'neil  
I am from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies, and grew up in a village on the northern part of the island called Cocorite. I spent my younger days sort of like a framer's kid; taking care of goats and ducks and chickens etc. They were my chores on a dialy basis...
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Nicholas Singh Port-of-Spain 
Hi there! Being a regular young adult (22) is tough as it is right? But add on the recovering alcoholic,bisexual, B.P.D (Borderline Personality Disorder) aspect to my life and well, you've got yourself a not so normal, if not interesting guy. Creating worlds of wonder and awe is what keeps me sane ...
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Muhammad Muwakil Port of spain, Australian Capital Territory 
my name is muhammad and i was born a proud trinidadian ..i have been writing for as long as i can remember,mostly poetry and short stories, i think maybe since i was 8 yrs old. People have always told me that i have a special skill but up until this point i have never taken my work ..i think...as...
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Cathy-Ann Smith San Fernando 
My name is Cathy-ann Elisabeth Smith Iwas born on the 8 th of September 1979
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Account Removed1  
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Margurit John  
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