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David King Westmoorings 
I am a management consultant approaching retirement and started writing as a way to discover what I might enjoy doing when I stopped working. Not only did I discover my joy in writing, I also found that my novels had found favour with many readers. I self-publish a small quantity of copies and distr...
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i am a budding writer/poet. let's just say this path chose me. i never liked literature in school and i detested poetry. now i am obsessed or possessed if you prefer by the word.
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Vanessa Salazar San Juan 
I am a 29 year old hopeful author. My interest are children stories and none fiction novels. I have not been published but hope to be within 2008 (if not before). Writing is a creative outlet for me and is really the only ‘job’ I think I can ever enjoy. I am presently an IT Technician but hope t...
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Shimiere Douglas Arima 
I am a "freedom writer."
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Sylvan Lightbourne San fernando 
I am 24 years old,from the date 02-04-09.At the age of 14,i started too write rebillious war music,like what the nazis did in world war ii,however at the age of 16 i began too become,infatuated with uniforms,that now i wear one,am a local police officer in my country,a country where civilians are be...
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Cristal Alexander San-Fernando 
I am 17 years of age, I am currently finishing writing CXC. I was in a Science class, I love to write poems, which teens want to tell there parents but they can't put it in words. I discuss worldly things going on today. I am a church going person, without God am nothing.
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Chester La Rosa Arouca 
hi i\'m Chester La Rosa a.k.a. King Kobra
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Leslie ann Williams Sanjuan 
hi am leslie-ann and am 23. Currently i teach for a living but i am working on two romance book which is half way through. So far its been really hard for me because i dont know who to turn to and the people i know don't like to listen. Am not doing this for the money am just doing it because i lo...
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Camille Adams Diego martin 
Hi ,my name is Camille.I am a poet and as far as i know,I have been one all my life.I use poetry as my diary ,my expression of self.As a documentation of my life and all my varying moods ,levels of understanding and as a memorial of all the "me's"i've ever been. You know how sometimes in life y...
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Sharon Figaro Arima, New York 
hi i am awrite and i will like to know how to go on with my book.
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