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Jillian Wickham Port of Spain 
I just started writing...I fell in love with it...I am presently in Film school in New Zealand...I like short stories and maybe one day adapt one of my favorite books into a movie...
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Nicole St john  
I have written well over 300 poems and I am presently working on a novel. I spent 3 years working at local media houses as a freelance journalist before I enlisted in the Police Service however I continue to express myself in writing.
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Jason Dookeran  
I have published one short story in Aphelion Webmagazine (October 2009) as well as one short story available on Amazon\\\'s Kindle Bookshelf (Nell, 2011). My stories are both intricate and usually involve a twist. I have one completed manuscript currently looking for an agent. It is Fantasy Fi...
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Ria Bakhorie Port of Spain 
I have been writing since I was about 10 years old. It was a poem named 'flowers and butterflies' (unfortunately, I lost it) It earned me a book-prize at school for creative writing. To date, I have approximately 28,800 poems. My poems are very 'me', they reflect what I feel and think, they show how...
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Gabriel Frost Arima 
I have been writing seriously for about five years to date, and I have compiled approximately 350 poems.I live my writing and write my life, often drifting off to the joys and sorrows of yesterday, polishing them to recollection, and locking them in my heart and yesterdays gems.Each new day, I belie...
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Taran Rampersad San Fernando 
I have been mainly a software developer - of late, a mainly Open Source/Free Software developer. I'm also a writer, and hasve been published on the internet in newsletters, with circulations ranging from 13,000 to 300,000. I have written mainly about software development and project management. ...
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Avril Mendoza Gasparillo 
I have always love writing stories long ,short stories. I love writing play's.Growing up l have a very wild imagination and still do am always playing out a story in my mind.lf l watch a TV show and the show finish l would continue the show in my mind or rewrite a different ending in my mind.Wheneve...
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Toth Retibraeht  
I have already written several novels, poems etc and am seeking a trustworthy agent with whom I can collaborate on several of my writing projects. I have one 400 page title ready for immediate editing and publication. Further information, synopsis and biopsy can be made available upon request. I...
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Brenton Nicholas Biche 
I cannot explain the means and motivation in which my writing comes about but all I can evaluate from it is my Love for fiction. vast worlds of complex characters and plots come alive when pen is to paper, the sweet taste of mystery, drama, romance and fiction is the basis of my work. I read alot of...
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Norma George-Ochoa San Fernando 
I believe in the power of the word and my quest is to explore the traditions of my culture and the extraordinary and powerful oral tradition and preserve them in my writing.
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