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Naveen Ali Arima 
It is with great excitement that I write concerning the completion of my first epic novel, and to announce my intentions of publishing same! Allow me first to uncannily admit that what had originally began as a thought provoking work of fiction had soon turned into the curious blend of an amazin...
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Selena Manohar  
im 15 years old turning 16 in january 4th , im a student of Toco secondary school , my dream and i guess my talent is writing fantasy stories for teenagers like my age or so
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Michel Ange Curepe 
I've been writing for 8 years, I'm not that keen about it though as I am about drawing or painting. I write poetry and short stories...mainly in the form of diary entries. I keep a regular journal both online and on paper; I've done so for many years. These are the best way to know and understand me...
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Marissa Armoogam-Ali San Fernando 
I've always had a passion for writing, even as a child. I would begin a short story and my mind took over, the story unfolded in my mind as would a movie on a screen and the words flowed unto paper. It took me a couple of years before I eventually embraced my passion which I only then realized was...
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Nicholas Jagdeo San Fernando 
I'm a first-time writer who's only just finished my first manuscript and was already in the beginning stages of my second one when I decided to start to the process of getting my first manuscript published, only to come across a whole new world of publishing that is daunting and unknown to me. I'm t...
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Cheryl Clarke Arima 
I write for the joy of it. Writing is important for me because it helps me to develop myself while I explore and reflect. I enjoy writing for children and find great satisfaction in awakening in them love of the written word.
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Anna-Alicia Hackett San Fernando 
I was born in 1990, a "coup" baby, I'm usually called. I hail from the southlands of Trinidad but to no disadvantage. I am a mother of one, born while at university and inspired my writing career. Life experiences continue to shape me into a multifaceted individual.
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Lamar  Andrews San fernardo 
I was at the beginning of the 70\'s last century, my mother was a weaver and my father an accountant i grew up in venezuela under the catholic belief, currently i gave up on my faith and i am a Gnostic i try to find my own truth, i stopped following spiritual leader to become my own guide, i am a ma...
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Lydia Ashby D\\\'Abadie 
I started writing poems in form six as an assignment, but i always used to write short stories, or journals. I am always writing. It is part of me. I am happiest when I write. I am an avid reader and a lover of suspense. I am at UWI now and am reading for my BA i n Communication Studies with d...
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Shelly Semontar Princes town 
i love to write, cannot say when i started but i believe the writing started through the life i lived. i write poems in what mood i am in and how i felt at that time. my poems may not be grammatically correct, but i like to chose my words and write as how i feel. when i write my poems i feel at ease...
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