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Reva Arneaud  
There is power in the tongue! So the more we tap into the words we express - be them spoken, written or in song - the greater we live, love and laugh! Growing up I was always reading and writing... then life happened and I got lost somewhere. As I got my career choices mixed up, I thus resorted t...
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Latisha Prescott  
spent a lifetime recording my feelings and opinions on many experiences in my life while some of which have been published in local dailies and others in a local magazine. i am currently working hard toward becoming a professional writer. my dreams are soon to be realised as publication of my first ...
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Avionelle Lindy Calder Point Fortin 
Since I've known my self I have loved reading, in fact it enveloped my life, when I was not sleeping I was reading. During primary school years I wrote some short stories, but it was during my Secondary School years, doing A'levels that I discovered my true passion, poetry. I would just put the pe...
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Ngozichi Omekara Port of Spain 
optometrist, poet, writer
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Wade Griffith Port-of-Spain 
On 11th July 1963 I was one of countless minature males to slip across the border from that Nine-month-Wonderland into this wider, brighter, and infinately more challenging world. My parents, in welcoming me, their third child, blessed me with the name of Wade Larry Griffith. From an early age - ...
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Nichelle Dottin-John  
Nichelle Dottin-John is a 40-something year-old, Trinidadian woman who is passionate about art, interior design, creative writing and psychology. She embraces her faith in God as that which keeps her anchored and resilient. She loves a good joke, considers herself to be hilariously funny, considerat...
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Fred Stone  
New in the business, but I know everything there is to know. So if you want to give me a shot at it, e-mail me.
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Kerwyn Joseph CHaguanas 
My values are expressed in the love and care I show for my family; a great joy is being able to pray with and listen to the prayers of my two little angels. My integrity is demonstrated in walking away from a few business opportunities because I refused to prostitute my way with words to promote a ...
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Sally Nagina San Fernando 
My name is Sally and I am currently in the process of writing a novel.I am 32 years old.I did not think that it would have been so difficult to contact people that know anything about publishing and getting an agent.so if anyone has an idea about how to get started in the world of writing.Please ema...
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Ruth Bramble Trinidad 
My name is Ruth Bramble: I was born in Central Trinidad and currently resides there. I started writing poetry in April 2005. I am known to some as \"The Prophetic Poet\" I launched my first book God\'s Promise of Inspirational Poems \" From the Poet\'s Heart\" Volume 1 in November 2010. My poetry...
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