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Manuel John  
Yoou can say that I am a total Arimian (if such a thing could be acknowledged). I was born here, I attended the Arima Government Secondary School, and I still live and work here. However, through a job as a delivery driver I was able to explore my homeland (and get paid for it in the process). ...
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Daren Despot Point Fortin 
while to a teenager i may be old, to someone else (another writer perhaps?) i may be young. to me i am twenty three. i live, and in many ways continue to grow up, on the island of Trinidad. it's a small country in the Caribbean sea, and it is as beautiful as it's people are warm, and it's culture...
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Patrice Pilgrim Port-of-spain 
what can i say about myself that will highlight my writng? what can i say to make you want to read what i have written? how can i make you see that i have the potential and the ability to succeed? i can't. i can only strive to do my best and make my work known. you are the one that will have tomak...
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Leslie ann Williams San juan 
well i am 20 and will be 21 in some days.I am the only child, my mom died when i was 10 yrs and i have never known my dad. Since then i have been doing things on my own and with the aid of my loving aunt and her two daughters. They are my precious family. i am a private teacher but i want to start m...
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Verdel Bishop East photo
verdel works as a Reporter with Newsday. Her aim is to one day become a Magazine Publisher. She is one such Reporter that will emerge into greatness.
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Keithon De bique Port of spain 
Trinidad has few known writers and I wish to be one. Aithough my writing is not the Trinidad sort. Akin to to the U.S. Their culture infected me with T.V. Working a number of stories to send there. I like writing sci fi best. I joined the site years ago and only now have I published. Kindle Direc...
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Arlene Peterson Arima 
Trinidad born Arlene D Peterson was raised in Arima, but spent her teenage years in Sangre Grande. Arlene attended Eldorado Junior Secondary where she developed her love of the arts. She experimented in Painting, Plaster Paris and clay. This was only a stepping stone for she fell in love with litera...
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Tricia  Trotman-Maraj Couva photo
Tricia Trotman-Maraj was born in San-Fernando on the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago and has lived there all of her life. Her childhood was spent in a village not unlike villages in the stories she writes about. Her experience as a secondary school teacher for the past fourteen years has a...
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Tony Hall Port of Spain photo
Tony Hall functions as a playwright for street, stage and screen. Born in Port of Spain, Hall attended Naparima College, San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies. Tony studied drama in Edmonton, Canada at the University of Alberta (1969-73) and explored advanced television production at the Norther...
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Bevon Reyaz Chaguanas 
To me writing was never a way of simple expression. Expressing myself alone seems belittling. It was rather, a way of life. The ability to swab intimate details about life and weaving those visions into paper and ink is bewitching if not fascinating. But even more extraordinary is the slashing, unde...
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