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Peter Crown  
Student Consolidation Rates
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Peter Harmsen Taipei 
Peter Harmsen, who studied history at National Taiwan University, has been a foreign correspondent in East Asia for two decades. He has focused mainly on the Chinese- speaking countries, but has reported from nearly every corner of the region, including Mongolia and North Korea. Read his blog a...
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Nathan Lindberg  
Most of the time I stare at the wall and wonder about what the hell I am doing.
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Fengchi Chen Taipei 
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Alin Cristian  
I specialize in Continental Philosophy, which I am also teaching at college level. Previously I published six books in Romanian, the first two of which are sold out. I am primarily interested in making the latest developments in phenomenological thought accessible to a wider public of non-specialist...
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Parker Cheng Taipei 
I have written a science fiction, and am looking for a publisher. In view of the time-sensitivity, I am separating the full story into three parts. With Part I being focused on the immediate future, I am in much urgency to have Part I published. I will be happy to submit, as an initial previ...
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Erik Olafson Taipei 
I am an ESL teacher living in Taiwan, I have published some articles in local magazines and newspapers, all comedic non-fiction. In my free time I paint odd pictures and write strange fiction. I aspire someday to write the unauthorized autobiography of Sho Kesugi.
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Steven Quinn  
I am a writer, consultant, and translator based in Taipei, Taiwan. I write about Taiwan, China, and cross-cultural issues.
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Flame Simcox Pingtung photo
I am a lover of the written word and relish the unbounded infinitude of possibilities that words offer us.
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David Saia  
David Saia edits moocat.net. His work has been published and produced in several venues, including The Daily Reveille, The Culture Report, New Delta Review, and STC Intercom. He is the author (with Charles More and Kyle J. Olsen) of Stanley Learns to Duck, an English-language reading book for use in...
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